name: =sSk=
nick: =skII=
school: TP HTM
birthday: 30th aUg

food pig eat everyting
drink pig drink anytin nice
colour black white purple
superwish 1)True Love 2)LOVE
superdae slping and eaTing daE
superbuddies aDEl-aMy-sHAn-tOot-jaNice-laY-jaSminE-mIng-tIng-mIn-bEeyaN-tIngting-pF- (no order of merit)
super super SSK



*aMy oNg*


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peach blush

Monday, May 15, 2006
maY 14-motHEr's daE and ani daE

i am so ugly - hurhur

u r so preTTy
u r so swIt

iTs motherS day todaE
another year without her
but i am used to it
todae woke up and ate 2 bao
plan to wak up at 3
but wok up at 1.20instead
so tired and slpy
den aft tat jiu did my culinary quiz
got 40out of 50
quite hapi le
cos gt 20 question
den the last 5 i anihow do
cos no more tym le
aft tat do my Biz enTre
tat one not bad
finished 1/3 le
will continue tomolo if i am not tired
so mani projs and hmwk to do
suX la
i hate sch daes
its when i hav no slping dae!!
aFt dat jiu slack till 6
den went to bath and cut nails
den ate fried kway teow
den went to do sum research for my grp porj
haben arrange them
i tink i wil do it tml
my bed and pillow is waving to me
at abt 9
i went out to city hall
bringing surpirse to my gal
she duno i was goin to look for her
so funi
i actualli planned this on last wednesdae i tink
called her and use rubbish excuse to ask her out of the ballroom
she is attending her god ma duno who wedding
so we celebrated our 3mth on fri instead of todae
i was so not lookin gud goin to the ball room area wearin my tshirt and jeans and specs summor!
so mani ppl -guys and women wearing so nice so formal
i saw her back view
how i recgonise her when i am standin quite a distance frm her?
haha -- ermm-her height la
of cos
den she walked and walk to look for me
i saw her
and i was like
my gal tooodae look like black princess
so pretty waering the dress
i tink she mux be hapi and shocked when she saw me there ba
i hope its so la
den her god ma daughter saw me
den ask her if i am her bf
den kip ask her ask me go in
lucky i clever
sae my father waiting for me
i was so sad
i tink i throw my gal face la
wear til so ugly
yet my gal was so pretty and wearing so nice
i am so feeling......

at least i saw my hapi gal
i gav her the boquet of 3some chocos
den jiu take pic.
how can i dun capture down tis wonderful memories
aFt daT
i saw mani ppl walking here and dere..
more and more
the more i felt...
so i jiu rush off veri soon
hope she like the surprise i gav her
i am hapi when seeing her smile on her face

i dint receive wat i wan
it has passed 12
once again
my heart is broken and my wish had went awae
i realli nid sum more of acknoledgement other den the 3words in the msg
i felt kind of helpless sumtym

i tink i wil be fine
i am owaes fine aft everyting
i will
i am strng
as if

u r realli pretty
while i am realli ugly

let me heal my heart1:43 AM

fOoD we prEpared

The food that make me ate 5bowls of rice!!

Cooked by Dennis

WE helped to prepare the ingredient


let me heal my heart1:15 AM

fRI the 12th

vEsak dAE
yeaH holiDAe
no Proj dAE
its holidae and yet i have to wak up like normal sch daes--woke up at 730am
meet my proj mates at bedok mrt at bout 840am
den went to charmaine hse and do projs
everyting went smoothly till 1220
den i went off to meet her while the others continue doin
guilty --haha
went to far east and looked for her
felt abit of a irritated
but was ok aft tat when eatin at the level 5 stalls
i ate pineapple fried rice
so nice la
i gave the pOOh to her when i saw her at far east kfc
i tought she will pEEp at it la..but she guai ah
aft eating we go tak neo prints
so long nber take le
oso duno wt pose to pose
aft tat we walk under the rain to tak mrt to marina bay
went arcade to look for amy shan and dennis
played racing the 2nd last..cos my machine sot
den played pool
got the 3rd last
my poor gal got the last
u shld go see la..when she funi
den jiu rush off to thiong bahru ntuc to buy the ingredients we nid for cooking
reach shan home and start cookin at 730
aft much of awaiting
dennis the cook
finally complete the whole course meal at 930
so hungry la
so nice and so long nber ate home cooked food
i ate 5bowls of rice?
and drank 3-4bowls of soup
i am hungry ghost la
heE u shal cal me pig
aFt tat jiu sent her to redhill mrt
didnt send her home cos nid to stay over at shan hse
she nber giv me aniting
kind of dissapointed and sad
but its ok
i am fine aft dat
den at 1.04am
the four sot de - me shulay amy shan dennis
start our journey to clark quay
we go to playgrd play la
so nice lor
back to my childhood memories
we walked for 2n a half hour to lau pa sat
dennis wanted food
and our leg are so pain la
shldnt hav agreed to the walk in the first palce
we ate tim sum den start to walk back again
walk back is fastr leh
oni tak 1n a half hour
but i am totally tired
went to shan hse
den not long jiu fall aslp le
but oni slpt for a while cos nid to go mcs to tak tix frm sb

i u?

let me heal my heart1:10 AM

Monday, May 08, 2006
todaE-i suX

fully wake up at 12pm
cum online til 1pm
i got alot of stuff to do
but realli
i am confused
i am blur
i am irritated
i duno which 1 to do first
cut hair cut nail pack bag pack tis pack dat
so mani ting
i decided to bath first
den go cook maggie mee
den cut nails
den went to pack my bag
den went cut hair
den oH no
i was meetin my fren at 430
i am not gona make it
i cancel the appointment
cos jason my fren
lend me his belt
so i dun nid go and buy in such a hurry
i change the tym and place to meet jiamei
to go mcs tgt
i reach dere on tym
but she is stil far awae
decide to go find food
went into a indian shop
ordered 3pratas
i ate them real fast
its cheap but it is realli damn nice --realli
i walk out of the shop
run to chase the bus tat idiot jiamei is on
everyting was so ontym
and ya--i realli hate my hair
my perfume smell
i hate my self too
===reach dere and collected my tix---
not long jiu go in le
we cut queue--haha
the show was nice la
after dat
waited for them to come out
adryan suX
spoil my mood
den oso saw the disgusting wenting kip sticking with tat banana
my mood worsen
den i tink of myself
den tink of all the stuff
think of tml de sch
tink of u
the more i am feeling down
i am sad
i bursted out crying when i reach hm
when i was walking from busstop to home
my scary neighhbour who hate us to the core and wanted to beat me on serveral occasion
was behind me
but there is a distance
i walk damn fast
and run up the stairs
i got into my hse in tym
before he walk past the door and stare at me
i was like
so scare aft dat
everyting suX
except for u
i nid u
be my guidance
i nid u by my side
laSt but not least
i jus packed my uniform and bag
i folded the uniform
i am afraid tat it wil get crumpled
but wat can i do
i duno
if the cher scold
i wil jux kip quiet
since i already tried my best to make it stay clean and tidy le
=======hope everyting gona be fine for me==========

let me heal my heart1:40 AM

yesterdae-the wonder dae

=wE are tGt at esplanade - with the cutie small merlion=
i slpt for 15hours
and woke up at 1030
woken up by the noisy tv
the telecast of superband repeat
reluctant i
roll here and dere on the bed
realise i cant fall into my slp
i went to catch the repeat
watch the amber part
jiu cum online le
met her at 2 at orcahrd mrt
as usual i was late
naH i am guilty ok
my mood wasnt very gud den
becos i was a bit rush and i felt messy and stuff la
its a mix and match of stuff
i felt like goin mad
mayb becos i am hungry
went popular shop and bought files and notebook
aft tat rush to lido de kfc and eat superstar set meal c -zingER
the bread is cut into half
i duno how to eat lor
lucky gal teach me a gud wae
the 7up -- no taste de , clever me request to change a new cup
eat finish jiu went fareast
saw a tshirt - quite nice
as my mood wasnt tat gud
so nber care the price
and bought the tshirt for 24.90
aft dat went lucky plaza
try alot of perfume
den finallu bought 1
tink the smell not abd -for 13.50
but todae i tried
i hate the smell
i am not gona use it frequent
aft dat went Buy And Throw Awae
bought a leather shoe
choose here choose dere
6 is my size ..haha 30dollar leh
aft dat
noe tat tym wasnt waiting for me
we jiu rush to take mrt to marina bay
meetin amy 6 at there
we reach le lor
but see no1
actualli i predicted dat she wil be late
i am rite
he reach at abt 621 i tink
she is with her XX
we four go squueze the bus
haha so mani china ppl lor
lucky we r thin
damn alot of ppl lor
we choose the chong pang
food stil ok la
eat until half stil rain
aft tat eat le
i not veri full actualli
jux tat the food there eat more le wil feel yuckie oni
we went to play racing car
i was the 1st
i am so hapi
first victory of the mTh
aft tat take 400 go tangong pagar change bus to fullerton dere
so squuezy la the bus
so mani ppl
although we gain weight le
but we stil manage to squueze in
went walk walk at esplanade fullerton dere
took alot of pictures
we 4 like tourist lor
aft tat jiu send her go home
den i reach home at 1am
so late lor
but i am veri veri hapi la
cos long tym nber go out tgt le
when wil be the next tym leh
i oso dunno
sch life six

let me heal my heart1:20 AM

Wednesday, May 03, 2006
sCh sIck sAd - tHe tRipplE C

so long nber blog
cos sch reopen le
last week
5daes..i oni went sch for 2daes
hben got myself on the track of schling
those life having to print notes do assignments and goin ole vbus (sUX)
haV beEN siCk
rEAlli sICk fOr long
stil not back to condition yet
poor me
sick - ok - sick again
so fun ah
and i like the flu medicine
which make me so drowsy and feel like slping
like the feeling of falling
the feeling of slpineSs
but yet i cant slp - cos i am in class ( nonoo)
sumone is not veri hapi tis few daes
so a little bit of affected me
i tink and hope she will be fine soon
and hope i wil be fine too
goin to slp lor
tml class 9am leh
720 nid wake up
wHEr is my slp???

let me heal my heart1:20 AM

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