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nick: =skII=
school: TP HTM
birthday: 30th aUg

food pig eat everyting
drink pig drink anytin nice
colour black white purple
superwish 1)True Love 2)LOVE
superdae slping and eaTing daE
superbuddies aDEl-aMy-sHAn-tOot-jaNice-laY-jaSminE-mIng-tIng-mIn-bEeyaN-tIngting-pF- (no order of merit)
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peach blush

Wednesday, August 30, 2006
happi birthdae to me

tis mark the start of my 18
i dunno what to sae about this year's birthdae
i didnt actually aniticapate aniting good or special to happen
and from what i see frm now
actualli i anticipate correctly
wat a pity and boring 18 i had

till now

received wishes from huimin amy veron and adel and peifen and janice nana

lets see whats more is coming....

sad birthdae

i have myself to celebrate this lonely nite ...happi birthdae to me

let me heal my heart12:00 AM

Thursday, August 17, 2006
pREsenting the power tummY frm bOOn laY!!
amy: dun leave me..i am scared!!!
terroisT aTTack !! run foR lifE!!!!
- siao cha bo = hiao cha bo-
i am sIao Cha BO and i had baD brEAth!!!
tootY: i am not yet a women!! but a ah lian!!!

Running for life!!!

isNt tat the master abusing his maiD!!!
aMy: duN hiT me aNymore...PleASE!!!
sk:u look more cute with hair covered! veron:u r showing ur tummy!
amy: something fly into my eye!!
sEE no evil!! heaR no eVIl !!!
squEExing the meaT out!!!
amy: stop tickle me..i am flexible!!! i am going to punch u!!
the WizARd of thE dusTbin with Love frOm UOB
thE godneSS of naNa empirE

let me heal my heart9:14 PM

suckiest august

tis will be the suckiest august i ever had ba

yesterday, receive the course work grade of Club Resort Spa
sadddened -- got a C+
while cynthia got a B
i was already very sad as i got a lower grade den her
aft tat during accounting
found out tat
Valerie got A
Charmaine got B+
Cassandra got B
Jimson got C
i was very sad at that point
i dunno what cos the different
but ghost also know is peer apprasier fault
and ya
i can swear and admit here
i surely did all my jobs and task with all effort
but in the end
kana back stab by someone in the grp
or maybe it is more than 1 ppl
so who is it
who will admit
Jimson didnt do his appraiser
so it is cfm not him
Cynthia, my most close peers in the grp, so i trusted her
and it is cfm not her too
so it is out of the 3 gals
Valerie, Cassandra or Charmaine
i opted out Valerie cos she said she didnt and i tink i can trust her for some reasons
so the most suspicious is that two bastard
but what i actualy do to provoke them
tok to mr kok tis afternoon
and after toking to him
i cfm tat it is apprasier that pull me down
i was really sad
cos i really did my job
he also told cynthia yesterday that our grp is a very fierce grp
with alot of fierce comments within our grps apprasier for each others
he also told me that although we may be good in the surface
but is actually not working very good or well and with alot of unhappiness
he said we can sit down as a grp with him and discuss abt the appraser thing
but aft tat
nth can also be done
except quarrel ba i tink
i am going to look forward for my marketing and biz ett
which i did project with the same grp of ppl
lets c
what i will get
i cfm the grades will be diff again
if this really happen
i will make thing big and worst for everyone
dun ever try me
i promise i will do silly thing to whoever that back stabbed me!!!
i seriously shout out that---"i certainly did my job and my project"
i think i deserve more than a least a B!!! butt...
so i think it is definitely personal biase
that cos them to mark me down
project sux
change of class sux
why cant we jus stay in our own class
the world outside is so scary
everyone is carrying a knife
make sure u beware
if not u will be the victim
my birthdae fall on the exam week
dun tink will be a good birthdae
with study going on
think it will be a lonely birthdae too
nth good for me too look forward during this suckiest August i ever had

may luck be with me
when the coursework grade for other subject come out

hope that i can stil smile--

let me heal my heart5:05 AM

Wednesday, August 09, 2006
national daY!!!

todae went to national day parade
so happy
the whole afternoon i kip tinking of wat to wear
cos no red shirt
oni got white
but no pure white
suddenly remember got tis sentosa polo teee
so jiu last min change to tat and went out
reach kallang mrt at 230 ba i tink
meet tummy, adna(her fren) and her papa mama
i am the odd one out leh
cos all wear super red
and the whole kallang mrt all flooded with red ang gu kuey aka red ghost
den we go kallang bus terminal to take free shuttle bus
quite fast eh
the queeue move
den reach at ard 315 ba
den went pass a series of sercurity check
lucky they nber anihow catch me
den went in to sit
so hot leh
lucky they got give auto mini fan
den hor
sit down jiu eat rice bought by her mama
she sae scare i faint
buy me rice
..special de
the rest all noodle and mee hoon
so kind of her!!
the people behind me must be staring at me and my rice
aft tat jiu slack slack take fotos
de nthe parade start
quite fun
and tis year is the last year tat goin to be held at tis veri old national stadium
oso first year i celebrate national dae with that dumb dumb
so veri special
den the fireworks dem nice
got a series of different fireworks
in between different program
but the one tat mark the ending is the most significant and most nice de lor
sit there till 815
sit until butt pain
i didnt go toilet during the show
so pro hor
aft tat is the torturous part
the end of show
wanted to walk to kallang wher her papa park the taxi
so squeeze and hot la
cos we are all short
so no fresh air for us
den walk for 1hour or more than reach leh
and they make us walk duno how mani big big roundS!!
stupid eh
duno how to plan de
aft tat went to lavender food center to eat
her mama sae it is my fav and is near to my hse
den easier send me home later
so go there
so mani ppl go there la
must be aft national dae parade
lucky can find parking space
if not no need to eat
i ate sting ray with rice..quite cheap..oni $4
and ate 1 tuna pan yummy
like so pig hor
den she ate one hotdog cheese egg pancake
adna ate one tuna pancake
her papa and mamaa eat one bowl prawn mee each
den in the end
ordered 3bowls of desserts to end the whole supper session up!!!
den after that her papa jiu send me home
fun fun fun
todae veri fun
and i am so hapi
mayb it is becos got u tis dumb dumb beside me!!
and ya
she gave me a pink pig!!
she sae tat is to spy on me
oH no!!!
i am so shocked by tat soft toy pig!!
bu aniwae
i love it alot alot
ok-now is veri late
i am so tired
lucky tomolo no sch
so can slp till quite late
jus now arrange all the fotos until i die
stil hben finish arranging
exam coming...goin to start photocopying notes le
proj all done
so happy
kok sae our club resort spa not bad
among the top few
even praise my oral assessment
but i dun tink i did veri well
except crapping
and he keep rememering my grass and my golf!!
idiot kok
but i am sad with spss
although i pass la..which is good
but stil not veri satisfactory leh
oni got a D+...
hope our report can pull my grade up
...i must realli pray
yesterdae which is tuesdae..
also went to marina south to eat steam boat with
dumb amy nana jan lay jeanie derek shan..for janice birddae celebration
total 9ppl eh
so mani ppl
i ate so much meat lor
but stil not veri full in the end
we go there planning to see fireworks
lucky the view not bad
if not wasted trip sia
before hand also went teo heng...this is the 2nd time within 7daes
last sat also went
with peifen dumb jan and amy and nana for jan birddae clebration too
after proj week
everyting is so fun and exciting!!
enjoy everymoment with dumb and frenS!!
hope aug 30 will also be a fun day or week for me!!
not saeing the exam!!
ok la..i shall end here and go slp
i am so tired eh!!!

let me heal my heart1:57 PM

gang fight 1

Two gang meet at marina south on tuesday night to sort tings between thier gang members out... Gang 1......

The SiaO ChA bO (teo Hui shaN)
The XIA lanZzz (amy and nana)
The sEE no eVil---(sk and veron)

Gang 2 --- thE act liaN nO liaN cum kiasU gaNg
(janiCE .... Shulay ....... jeaNIe)

to be continue........

let me heal my heart12:54 PM

Gang Fight part 2

They started to sort tings out.....

<--- Nana is the main culprit of this gang fight nana: 1 2 3 start!!! Jan: iTs nana tat disturb me first..she also start to poke me with her tummy!!! nana: no!!! i didnT!! shulay: wat a big tummy she has!! jeanie:wah ..janice so feiRce!!

hUishan started to pity janice and she sided gang 2
shan: janice is so poor ting!! nana..sae sorry!!
nana: u betray us!!
amy: hurmp!!
shulay: shan i support u!!
sk tried to drag no pork no lard awae

Tings started to get worst!!
shan: i dun care! u shall sae sorry to poor janice!!
nana: stop toking rubbish..u wan siao den join them and siao..Shooo!
shan: i am going to poke u back!! watch my potential!!!
see no evil hear no evil: we must stop shan!!!

internal fight started!!
the potential vs. the big tummy...
sk spoted police

gang 2 is enjoying themselves with the cat fight!!
gang 2: funny.. 2 mad women fighting!!

jeanie: look..police is coming..lets take our barang barang and run!!
the others: oh no!! lets run

The end-----

let me heal my heart12:39 PM

Thursday, August 03, 2006

long tym no updates


went to meet that tummy teh
den after tat go eat long john
oh it was so long since i have eaten long john
so nice
then aft tat go wATCH dragon tiger gate
with her
i like the feeling of watching movie with her beside me
dunno why
someting cool happen
one of my left contact drop in the middle of the show
and aft few attempts
of puuting back
it is gone the third tym
and i could not locate it
although i felt like giving up
but i stil try here and there throughout the show
den the picture was quite blur to me
lucky got her beside me
overall comments is i tink the show is tooo short
although nice
but oni at fighting parts
not veri exciting and interesting
but got anotehr ppl beside me
so spice up more
so overall the show was average
but the overall exeperince was superb
aft tat went mac eat choco sundae
so nice and yummy
and tat mad gal
kip observing my found spoilt contact
mad de
one contact can observe teh whole journey
aft tat jiu tak mrt to boon lay
den bought i chicken and 1 pork stick
so yummy
but i prefer pork (PIG)
aft tat jiu go home le
sO fun
i mISss the DAe man

todae can be said be a sucking dae
cos of the stupid presentation
todae wake up quite on tym
den was rushing and preparing
then cyn sae wan meet 840 paya lebar then take cab
den i was like
i should hav seen her msg earlier
so i dun hav to rush to go out
cos orginally meeting her 845 at outram
den went to meet her and we took cab
todae cab fare is cheaper
6.50 each
den went for biz ett
todae no copy of notes eh
todae got presentation
shocked me
suddenly went in teacher sae got presentation
den i was like
lucky is present sumting i noe
gud service expereicne i receive or i got
tok abt the pizza hut experience tat me lay and dumb got
and also one experinec of mine when working duirng chinese new year
then manage to make whole class laugh
so hapi
i am satisfied
mark the disaster
AR presentation
at first we planned who to take which topic
cos we tought can bluff thru
but in the end
cher see wat we pick
so we cant change
i took the lognest part
the conclusion
i was jus briefing toking thru the slides
aslo duno wat i toking
realli flunk la
FUck la
den the teacher ask us so mani question
wat is literacture review (who the shit noe)
sum we jus ans bull shit
but got 1 question
he ask "why more males ask direction more than femaile"
den i was like saeing
cos male alwaes lead the grp and make decision more
than he replied" good explanation"
tats the oni gud part
aft tat got acc
boring lesson
jus slack my wae thru
feel like slping
while thinkin if i shld go mcs or go find amy and shan to buy sumting
den i decided to go with shan and amy
reach ikea
den i saw tis transaprent box
at first i wanted to buy
but they sae goin orchard later
then i give up my toughts
aft tat bought wat we want
then went down to PS for spot light
as usal
stayed dere for long
i hate goin spot light
owaes waste my tym
open so big for wt la
but at least we mananage to get wat we wan
den we go thai express eat
so nice la
teh fried rice i ordered
we share tom yum soup
nicest i ever taste
den tat shan
kip tempting us eat tapioca
den we jiu ordered and shared
realii nice
but in conclusion
i am stil not full
aft tat walk down to orcahrd midpoint
then amy sae she wannted to go off becos of nana
den i was like cos my bus also came
den i jiu go
leaving shan and grace walking towards hmv
reach home earli la
and its the end
landed at home now

out of yesterdae and todae!!!

IMF == oh ya
i was assigned to be cahsier for imf
i was not surprise la
cos i already expected
but wat is surprising is i am the first male cashier in their history and they dun even hav uni for males
oh my god
i shall consider lucky or not

marketing presentation =
i can sae
marketing presetnattion is the best presentaion i ever had
i did not refer to any cards or notes
and i jus sae verbally using my memroy and the slides
and i stil nid remember the figures
at first forget sae
but stil manage to slot the figure in before the end
the teacehr comment on me sae veri gud and well explain and detailed
i am so hapi

last sat aft IMf training i meet her
aft lng period of tym
went kenny rogers and eat
the chicken so nice la
but look at her
make me feel more nice
den aft tat went walk walk
at first wan go watch movie de la
but sg ppl
all mad
oni like to watch and queue for movie tix duirng ex preiod like weekends
in the end jus shop ard
although nth significant happen la
but overall is realli veri fun
and i luv it
and i am veri hapii
mayb becos of her pressence

there are ants over my house
toilet to kitchen to doors to living room
and now
my room
i am realli frustrated
step into my terriotry
i am eyeing on the route that they crawl pass
den once i see them
i will kill them
quite evil
but i have no choice
their provoke me

yeah before profieciency test
we also cook at amy hse
me amy shan and peifen
we practice our cuts
so fun la
although food produce isnt veri high standard
but i stil sae
it is not bad already ok
and ya
i tink i did ok for the test
hope can pass
manage to cut well
cook well
although not veri stable and steady when cooking
soup the chef sae not enuf seasoning
pasta the chef sae nice
i was so hapi
hope i can pass
aft tat took theory
so easy leh
like chicken feed la
quesst was frm previous pop quiz
so hapi i took a cab and went for the pop quix
it is worth it man

==no control==

its the end

shall update sooner or later
i got fotos leh
but too tired to upload onto com and to here

luv ya
luv everyone
but i dun luv myself

the enD

let me heal my heart1:01 AM

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