name: =sSk=
nick: =skII=
school: TP HTM
birthday: 30th aUg

food pig eat everyting
drink pig drink anytin nice
colour black white purple
superwish 1)True Love 2)LOVE
superdae slping and eaTing daE
superbuddies aDEl-aMy-sHAn-tOot-jaNice-laY-jaSminE-mIng-tIng-mIn-bEeyaN-tIngting-pF- (no order of merit)
super super SSK



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Tuesday, February 27, 2007
gEt to know me better:::

Your view on yourself:Other people find you very interesting, but you are really hiding your true self. Your friends love you because you are a good listener. They'll probably still love you if you learn to be yourself with them.

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:You like serious, smart and determined people. You don't judge a book by its cover, so good-looking people aren't necessarily your style. This makes you an attractive person in many people's eyes.

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:You are ready to commit as soon as you meet the right person. And you believe you will pretty much know as soon as you might that person.

The seriousness of your love:You like to flirt and behave seductively. The opposite sex finds this very attractive, and that's why you'll always have admirers hanging off your arms. But how serious are you about choosing someone to be in a relationship with?

Your views on educationYou may not like to study but you have many practical ideas. You listen to your own instincts and tend to follow your heart, so you will probably end up with an unusual job.

The right job for you:You have many goals and want to achieve as much as you can. The jobs you enjoy are those that let you burn off your considerable excess energy.

How do you view success:You are afraid of failure and scared to have a go at the career you would like to have in case you don't succeed. Don't give up when you haven't yet even started! Be courageous.

What are you most afraid of:You are afraid of having no one to rely on in times of trouble. You don't ever want to be unable to take care of yourself. Independence is important to you.

Who is your true self:You like privacy very much because you enjoy spending time with your own thoughts. You like to disappear when you cannot find solutions to your own problems, but you would feel better if you learned to share your thoughts with a person you trust.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007
-the Outing anD maKing of Tarts-

-The Outing at OrchARd- On thE way to Orchard

-The Making of tarts-
thE 3somE
The Ingredients

The process of making

First baTch of tarts for the cliQUe

mE with Tarts and the two curious Dogs
mashmellow with maggie powder-all thnks to amy
the fillinGs of tarts for e special onE
tHe special made tarts before they froze (nice yeaH, all done by me)
tHe final producT

thE candid shoTs
-ah mA at Work-
-The ENd-

let me heal my heart9:39 AM

the Execution fEb 12

-ThE mOndaE tEAM-
Phantom of the opera-mE dressed as Roaul-cool
Shall mIss the TAS
With the Piggy jaSmine and beeyAnMe with the funny mR nEO

let me heal my heart9:09 AM

vdae = bad dae

Sundae Feb 11
went to meet huiming, weiting and imelda at orchard
it has been so long tat we three person went out
and ya
we shop and eat alot of junk food
didnt manage to buy anyting though

den aft tat send someone to tam
den met amy at bedok
to buy our materials for our tarts
bought so mani tings and went so mani places la
but it was fun
the searching and the tinking and the walking
den went the bedok north hawker to eat
claypot sambal fish and chicken
the fish is so nice
highly recommendable
next tym will sure go there and try
den aft eating
carried the tings back to amy hse
den went back home
the small dark lane was scary
Mondae Feb 12
Todae is the service project execution
leave for home quite early as compared to pass lessons
but still tink will be late
so took a cab at outram
and it was so unlucky tat there is no cab
and i waited for like 5mins
and lucky i still made it on tym to reach and change into my roaul costume
actualli also nth much
jus a white long sleeve shirt with black pants plus a hat
but alot of ppl sae i looked cute
started preparation and everytin was ok
worked well with branda
den stomach ache and went toilet
oh my god
so sudden yeah
and it is 1130
and our first customer came
started our busy operation
super tired la
the mixing of mocktails, making of coffee and tea, pouring of juices and soft drinks and ice water
so mani diff ting for me and branda to do
jus to person
plus the washing of cup
i can sae
its super busy being a bartender
everytin was alrite and over
and the comments for the mocktail was good
miss daga comment tat it is nice, consistent and good
so happi
it end my service lessons
kinda happi
finnaly dun nid to get up earli to prepare
dun nid to cut hair cut nails
dun nid to wear uniform
Thnks jas ivan and beeyan for coming to dine in at the restaurant :)

aft tat went vivo with the lovely clique
ate at food republic and went home aft tat
the journey was extremely long as i took a bus
it take me 1hour40min to reach home
and my butt was so pain
the feeling is bad
Tuesday Feb 13
one dae to v'dae
went for accounting tut in the morning
without any notes
and got back the grade which is not veri satisfying
but still not bad

den met shulay and went with her to subwae at sentosa
ate till veri damn full
den went out of sentosa

needed to wait for amy they all to go orchard
and thus
company shulay to chinatown and ikea to buy her stuff
and she was like
super scary
kept eating
but it was fun
traveling so mani places within such a short time
den at abt 4plus
she went back home while i went back TAS
so boliao of me
den met the clique and one big grp went down to orcahrd to have NYDC
big gathering is good
at least i wont feel lonely
and i love outings
den aft eating and a little shopping down heeren
set down to amy hse
for the tarts baking

reached amy hse at abt 11
den rushed projects and submit it
then amy drawing her stuff for nana
and jeanie came
sewing her pillow
we are so busy and racing with tym
poor us
all becos of vdae
.but it was worth it
i tink

den started making the choco for the tarts
the mixing of ingredient for diff tarts was so fun
and we completed the first 60 for the clique
my back ache like hell la
and super tired
den we ate cup noodles
and wrap the tarts up
and rest awhile before doing me and amy tarts for our special one
the decoration and effort put in was super good
me and amy each concentrating on our 30 tarts
decorating them and taking turn to melt the choco
fun time
and finally by 7am
we done the making and packing
and me and amy slpt
with jeanie continue struggle with her pillow
so hardworking of her
den went home at ard 10pm
and reached home by cab at ard 1030
the waiting time for cab was
not good
so long la
and i cant take a bus cos my hair was too ugly

realli enjoy the nite of baking and making
so fun
with the company of amy and jeanie
and i tink we are realli creative and good in making stuff and food :)
Wednesdae Feb 14
todae is vdae
and ya
i can sense
it will be a lonely dae for me
slpt till 3pm at i reached home at 1030
and prepare and went bukit batok to meet veron
and pass her the tarts and my mosaic
both hapi and sad when i see her
hapi cos i finally got to see her
sad cos we are not the couple backed then
but was frens
the feeling is wierd
i didnt sae much
jus mumbled a few words and went off
all the others got program and company and so
i have no choice but to go home
went clementi to take 154
wanted to use this wae to go home
cos wanted to sense some memories
stupid silly me
but the feeling was gone
waiting for bus alone
wasnt good
the journey seemed longer without msging like the past
the journey is sad
is a long long journey
and i reached home
and start rotting

delighted to hear that she like the tarts and the mosaic :)
simply enough to cheer me up

huimin also comment tat the tarts was nice wor
so happi
so satisfied with the effort we put in

too bad
didnt left any tarts for myself
cant try them

a lovely dae
the street scene was fantastic
couple holding hands
with flowers and gifts
smiling happily and sweetly
but my feeling was bad

let me heal my heart8:42 AM

Sunday, February 11, 2007
foto of the dAE:)

My Mosaic Art Wrok - LOVE

LateST Frenz Collection - tHe HongKong Cafe VivO
mY super cOllection - ikAn AverilikaN, DuN eVer kIll me Whn u sEe tiS (AbovE) after my haircuT (above)

let me heal my heart2:40 AM


oH my goD!!
i finished my medicines
try to keep my mouth shut frm all unhealthy food
but yet
my cough is still here
and it seems to get worse
and ya
it brought his fren call "FLU" along
tink i will be sick thru out tis CNY
but i shall ignore it and eat my delicious CNY food waiting for me

toDAe woke up quite early
surprisingly woke up myself at 11am
feeling restless yet cant slp
in the end
dated my sec sch frens huiming and jinying to sing K at teo heng
it was long since i saw them
but yet..they didnt change much
recalling the wonderful dae we have during our sec sch life
having our cca training and usual hangout
..all those was jus wonderful..
haa..i am more innocent

met up at 1.30
and i was there early la
at 1.20 i reached
both was late and arrived arround 1.50
how punctual are them!!
i waited alone in the small room
the feeling was
i promise i will nber go sing KTV alone la

den we sang our lung out
and me and JY was like asking and seducing HM to go marina south for steamboat
yet she kip standing on her grnd
so sad
but in the end
we ended up in bugis steamboat
ate from 5.30 to about 7
was satisfied
and went ICON to simply walk ard
cos nth to buy there
den decided to go Marina square
and we shopped
i bought the pant tat i wanted from IP zone
at a discounted price of $25..
supper cheap la!!
den HM bought 1 blouse
Jy went home empty handed

tis is the most enjoyable and relaxing weekend since sch started
wondering wher will i go tomolo
but tink will be a fun dae too
mayb goin on another sec sch frens gathering at orchard
looking forward

Project execution on mondae--->looking forward
VDae on Wednesdae-->wondering
aRt presentation on fridae->NONONO!!

hope i will be finE on this three daEs


yeah..and i got my grade for my mosiac art..surprisingly..i scored not too bad
and i was satisfied
the hard work tat i put in was worth it
and i hope u can see and appreciate my effort
if u can get to see it...

shall end my broken language post here
thnks my frens
those that ever care for me
those that ever laugh with me
those that laughed becos of me
those that care to leave a comment and encourage me


let me heal my heart2:08 AM

Wednesday, February 07, 2007
-create post-

finally finished all the test
service and opera
although both wasnt well done
but at least they are over
and i just hope i can just pass
i will be satisfied
isnt it better than fail

thnks all my frens for all the encouraging comments wor
i have SUCKED them into my mind
and i will remember them
holidae cuming le
hope can find a job
den can earn money
den can enjoy and support myself too
hope holidae wont be bored and hope our clique can still meet up
looking forward for a fun and enjoyale holidae

Mondae is our service execution le..hope everytin will be fine
and everyone will enjoy our service and my bar job will be smooth
if u haven make ur reservation
pls be fast k
its gonna be full
and i promise
there will be surprises and great prizes to be won

Feb14 is cuming
hope i can find sumting to do
to keep me free from any negative tinking

jia you!!

let me heal my heart7:38 AM

Monday, February 05, 2007
Ai Hen Jian Dan

let me heal my heart10:07 AM


SengKwang is a failure
failure in life
failure in study
failure in service
failure in relationship
failure in family
failure in many many stuff

SengKwang life is a misery
i hate alot alot of stuff
i hate my brother
i hate this world
i hate quarrels
i hate ppl who simply ignored me
i hate my mind
i hate my body
i hate my face
i hate everytin
i hate myself myself

Seng Kwang is
easily affected
by tings and ppl ard me

SengKwang feels like crying
crying for wat happened
crying for my misery
crying for each and single ting tat happened
crying for all the ting that i didnt do it right
crying for the wrong decisions i have made
crying for this and tat
crying to let out my pressure and my unhappiness

SengKwang stays strong
in front of everyone

SengKwang smiles
in front of everyone

SengKwang dream for a shoulder
a shoulder for me to cry my tears on
how much i wish to cry in front of u al
my friends
i would feel so much comfortable

SengKwang is sad
sad to sae tat
my life is a failure

SengKwang wished upon the stars
for someone tat i can talk to
for someone tat i can cry my unhappiness to
for someone who will lend me a shoulder
for someone who cares for me
for someone tat i can rely on
for someone tat i can show my weakness to

And til the person appear
i shall continue
continue to face this world alone

let me heal my heart9:00 AM

Saturday, February 03, 2007
gugu fotozz

let me heal my heart11:08 AM

cough is bad

woke up at abt 2.30pm ba
den slack ard my com
and finished my mice assigned task
so guai ah me
den continue slacking
browsed frenster and you tube
tat was how boring i am
den wanted to cut hair
so meet amy and nana at tam mall
meet them at 9
but was suppose to cut hair before meeting them
so went out at abt 8plus
reach tam
den go century square
search for tat $10 QB house
but after seeing the long queue and obvious location
i decided not to cut
then went to tam mall for another $10 shop
but in the end
it is closed
i tink must be they eat snack la
early close shop
cos the operating hours was by rite till 930
in the end nber cut
i also dun feel like cutting
yao bu shi wei le SERVICe test
den the amy and nana
said their floorball game will end by 9
by dragged until 940 den reach tm
make me walk around tm and century square for 40plus mins alone
the feeling was not good la
seeing all the other ppl shopping in grps and pair
and i was so lonely
in the end
ate takoyaki
at tm
den went century square
shop for other food
and ate fried mushroom
sit at one corner wher they were no much ppl walking ard
avoiding those crowded place
will make my feeling better
sit there and waited
finally met them and we ate long john
wanted to eat food court
but close le
i shld hav blame myself for the bad cough
eating all unhealthy and fried stuffs
but i promised myself that tml i will go see doc and start zipping my mouth
and i willl eat more healthy food
i hope to recover by chinese new year
den can eat more food
lastly, after we finish eating den jiu went home le
company amy take bus 67
when i hav a direct bus
so stupid me
jus wanted company
"i dun like to be alone!!"
den tok on the bus
and i can feel tat
amy tink tat i am silly
becos of sum stuff
i also tink i quite silly
but love is crazy and silly
isnt it
at first wanted to head home
but lj asked me to go indoor
so went indoor and tok with averil
she was explaining to me wat happened
and i understand
hope everytin wil be fine
i dun like quarrel
especially between my frenS
nice parents of her still send me home
they are one whole kind family
tml is the superstar final le
finally cum to and end
time passed so fast
tml is a busy dae
need to go barber shop to cut hair
den need to see doc
and need study for service test
need go collect tix frm averil
need cut nails
oh my god
i am a busy guy man
but how come
no matter how busy i am
i will stil hav time to tink abt silly stuff
i am realli JUS A FOOL

i must cheer up!!

sK world is a black one

let me heal my heart10:54 AM


finally changed my blogskin
thanks amy for the help!!
proficiency test for service cuming le..
its on the cuming mondae
oh no:::
i sure do badly...
dun even know what i need to do
and the cork of the wine
so diff to open
practiced 2 times todae.and i broke them
oh no!!!
pls pls pray that i pass ok..haha
and tues there will be OPERA test
need to "MAKE UP" thick thick wor..
if not alter cant pass
and and and
i am still coughing..
haha i tink its like about one month le ba
and think its getting worse la
everytym i cough
my heart will hurts
duno y
..mayb used too much strength
hope to recover by new year
den can eat lotsa food
next few weeks will be like so happening
V'daE cuming (sad)
chinese new year cuming (happy)
examS cuming (super sad)
holiday cuming (super happy)
and before vdae..tink will be supposed to do sum baking or making with amy..
my vdae buddy
doing stuff for my clique and mayb erm...still tinking
i love to sing
i love sad song
i love chinese songs
i am in love
with songs that describe my feelings
my sad life

there was once
i wished that we can be together 4ever
there was once
i hoped that u can marry me
but it ended
with me not knowing the reason
i didnt gave up
i kept trying
i keep failing
u keep rejecting
u keep avoiding
i am hurt
real hurt
i know i am not the right piece for u
i shldnt force
but y dun u give me the chance to trim myself to be the perfect one
every nite i will tink of u
i wil tink of u every moment any place
i wonder
if there was once u think of me
i wonder
i am lost
i am confused
wat shld i do next
maybe i realli shld lock my heart up
my feelings tell me tat i cant
cos i still love u
its true
its real
i cant hide
oni one ting can describe us now
we are like magnet with the same pole
repelling each other
when i try to go near u
u keep repel awae
"ai hen jian dan"
this song is a nice nice song


alot of stuff to do tml..
so i better slp earli wor

hua yang shao nian shao nu veri nice wor
it will cheer u up when u r sad
but somepart will also make u sad
so it is suitable for all ppl
so do watch it ok!!!

SengKwang love all my roses....

let me heal my heart4:02 AM

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