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birthday: 30th aUg

food pig eat everyting
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Wednesday, December 27, 2006
saD ChristmaS

tiS chrIstmas eVe was sad--reall sad
although i didnt go work as i plan
and went out to orchard with my grp of frens
but still
i feel sad and low
although i dun appear so infront of them la
went to watch deathnote2
so nice
and when the show ends at 5plus in the morning
went to hongkong cafe in cine to eat
ate chicken chop and bo lou bao
den went to meet jeanie and her fren and lay and jasmine
sit down there
they play game and i drank for shulay when she lose
realli wasnt a good dae
i kept tinking and tinking
then it was time for us to go home and slp
reached home and i shitted!!
i tink was the beer and the milo ice that i drank
den slpt and wake up for work...
imagine christmas dae when ppl enjoy
and i go to work
work is like shit
cant concentrate
kip tinking and feel like falling a slp
and todae
was even more sad
i also duno wat to sae
mayb i am onli making myself sad and suffer
i regreted that i let go
its too late
i dun tink the past will be back
i wish i can forget
i told myself to give up
but i still asked
ask for the last chance
and ya
i noe it will turn out bad
i prepared
but the feeling are still strong enuf to hurt me
wat can i do
how can i stop tinking...
i wonder....

saddness fill my life
i am a walking soul

i shall continue to struggle

cheers to all lovers in the world %_P$

let me heal my heart3:30 AM

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