name: =sSk=
nick: =skII=
school: TP HTM
birthday: 30th aUg

food pig eat everyting
drink pig drink anytin nice
colour black white purple
superwish 1)True Love 2)LOVE
superdae slping and eaTing daE
superbuddies aDEl-aMy-sHAn-tOot-jaNice-laY-jaSminE-mIng-tIng-mIn-bEeyaN-tIngting-pF- (no order of merit)
super super SSK



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peach blush

Sunday, May 27, 2007
= l - i - f - e =

life doesnt sux
unless u tink it sux
i tink mine sux
thus i view life as torture

ability is sometin tat can be learnt
i may excel in academic
but i fail in terms of sports
in term of wat other guys are good at
soccer, pool or watever
i am not good with anytin of tat kind

love is a disaster
if u take it negatively
i love to love
i live to love
but love doesnt seems to love me
my love is a disaster
i am silly
i actualli did sumtin silly
gope everytin will not be tat worse
i realli hope

father and mother i love u?
is jus a bullshit to me
i hate my bro
my father dun deserve my respect
i have nth
i oni had a shelter
not a home
and of cos not a family

everytin is so unpredictable
one dae u are hapi
one moment u are not

theres a barrier
between each and everyone
all human beings noe how to act
how well ur relationship with ppl
depend on how well u act
u can be nice to tat someone
wher when he turns away
u start to curse and swear
tat is a act

life sux when u have no ability no family no love
thus mine sux
its jus so simple


projects load is so stressful
SIP interview so scary
but i got a placement le : )
projects sch eat and slp
tats my life

: ) )
thnks my frens for being there

:) ) appreciate

i dun lik ppl to look at me with that pair of eye tat looks down on me
pity me?fren with me?laugh at me? u will be cursed

let me heal my heart1:32 AM

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