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Thursday, January 11, 2007

sch started
no more stomach ache
no more vomiting
but cough started
this must be a wonderful start for me
wish health will be better aft cough

projects and projects
2 more project before all suffering end
pray for it to end soon man

aft handed in the mice project on mon
i lead a slack life
earning back all my precious slp time
yest slpt for full 12hours
thats so cool la
but duno y
still veri tired
and still late for class and need to take cab
but not frm my hse
i took mrt to outram
den took cab to sentosa
cos me around $5 for every trip
i have taken 3trips since monday
and its like .. everyday la..
but already consider cheap compare to taking frm my hse which cost ard 11-12 plus
so quite satisfied and happi with wat i have done

went bugis shopping yest
with frens
the regular few
not veri happening
duno why
dun have the mood for shopping
and nber bought anyting except for 1 packet of gummy
wanted to give averil de
but in the end open and eat it myself
did share some with her
i dun quite like this flavour
prefer the previous one tat i bought
today went toa pa yoh shopping
at nite
quite fun la
laugh and laugh
den ate double cheesseburger before i went home (although now coughing like mad..but i still dun care.haha)
oh ya..and todae..
went seah imm hawker eat before going to mcs
eat with a whole grp of pigs
ate nasi ayam super nice la
i wonder wher seah imm hawker vendors order their chicken frm la
the chinese chicken rice and malay one
was so so nice
i seriously recommend
then after tat ate "guava nata"
was realli realli full
but satisfied

now i want to talk about one idiotic gal
cant she tink for others tooo
she expect everyone to care for her
and go dere to find her
and wat
its not any one fault la
blame urself for not staying near averil
not tat averil not love u
is u ask for too much and tink too much
wat else can u expect
when she give and do tis to u
u ask for more
and show tat innocent face
try to act pitifiul is it
then write on blog
wat u want
averil is already so stressful with so mani tings to do
yet she reply to ur "book" all the tym
cant u jus be satisfied
and stop complaining
if u realli support her
show her more support
real support
by voting
if u nber!!
and shower her with more concern and not complains!!
u are irritating
u make me hate u more!!
by writing all tat in ur blog!!

tat day browse thru frenster
den saw someone frenster
saw one of the foto was deleted
realli felt veri sad
and once again
my happi mood was gone
and heart broke
i duno wat to do
duno who to tok to
dunno wat to sae
now i realise
everyting realli ended
tink there is realli no future le
i hate myself
i scolded myself
i beat myself
for being so silly
i keep dreaming tat we can be tgt again
and dream tat if i give u more love
u will be back again
but...i tink i am jus silly
i dunno how u feel
i duno if u wish for tat too
but frm tat point of tym when i see the foto deleted
i was sad
cos tat means that memories was also deleted
i realli duno wat to do
how much i wish to msg u
to ask for u
to ask u to take care and everytin
i dun tink i shld
mayb i shld realli let it go
and let it end
although i dun wish for this
but wat else can i do
i dun have a cfm sign frm u
i duno wat to do

i have to buck up le
few test and quiz coming
hope i can study for them
and hope is study hard and not flip thru
and hope everytin will be alrite for that ikan

memories is locked

all e best

let me heal my heart12:42 AM

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