name: =sSk=
nick: =skII=
school: TP HTM
birthday: 30th aUg

food pig eat everyting
drink pig drink anytin nice
colour black white purple
superwish 1)True Love 2)LOVE
superdae slping and eaTing daE
superbuddies aDEl-aMy-sHAn-tOot-jaNice-laY-jaSminE-mIng-tIng-mIn-bEeyaN-tIngting-pF- (no order of merit)
super super SSK



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Monday, June 18, 2007

i tink i will sure be a hommie boi soon
if tml no miracle happen
i will be at home
and ya
at home means i consequently 3daes at home
wonderful sia
if its realli wonderful


let me heal my heart1:02 AM


who will actuali do tat
tink too much i tink


let me heal my heart12:38 AM

Sunday, June 17, 2007
FXXXXXX- i shall no longer me!

Miracle didnt happen
i am at home
u noe how desperate i am to go out
but not alone
i asked and asked
i asked amy
i asked huiming
i asked jinying
i asked ailing
i asked mingzhi
and till now i am still at home
frenster horoscope is so accurate
my schedule may be flexible, but not my frens schedule
dun give a damn
jas having a date
jeanie, lay and shan wking
is tat all i have?
i wondered
and ya
i tink tats so
suddenly i have a different view on a word tat start with F
and i tink i shld change
shallnt be so sticky
shallnt be so proactive
shallnt be so troublesome and cumbersome
shallnt be so problematic
i shld kip quiet
w t f
me? i am still myself?i shall c..

let me heal my heart4:27 PM

its not easy

its not easy
realli not easy
to forget
to tink easy
to dun tink so much
to find a company
to find someone to share wat u feel
to find someting to do during free tym
to have the courage to face the lonliness
to find motivation in life
to tink positive
to be hapi
to not to be emo and moody

its realli good to be busy
to find sometin to occupy time
like work or sch
tis prevent me to tink
to have tym to tink negative
nites are hard to pass
when there is no tat someone

its weekend
and its bloody boring weekend
staying at home for the whole dae of sat
doing nth
wat a life
and i foreseen
sun which is tml
my life will be boring tooo
unless miracles happen
if not
i tink i will be at home again
home alone
sian ah!!

let me heal my heart3:34 PM

Saturday, June 16, 2007
two weeks of life--

Mon june 4th
One dae before OB test and ya
and still on with itch
went airport to meet jas and adel
purpose to eat popeye chicken
cos long tym no eat le
realli got the urge
but the standard like drop le leh
and somemore dun have the fries that i wan
but still hapi tat i ate tat
den went watson get the lotion and medicine for my rashes
went mac with jas..
she copy notes while i study
realli realli feel like slping la
damn no motivation
but still more fun la
studying with frens
if not i at home sure slack de
den study till ard 9
went level 2 of t2 look for food
yesh!!dinner tym
den decide to settle down at this san chong liang jian
nice nice
ate kangkong and the damn famous chicken
and we are the last two customers
so paiseh
all the staff waiting for us to go out of the shop
satisfied and off we went to bungawan solo
bought kueys
and jasmine bought her share tooo
den it end my dae and off i go back to home and continue my study
didnt study much
no mood no moood!!

Tues June 5th
OB test dae
the test is 1-2
test i can sae is size
cos the last two essay question
totally forgot wat i studied
and ya
so i any how write
although the tings i wanted to write is rite
but i anyhow write cos i cant remember the exact content
anywae quite hapi cos test over le
den me jan lay jas shan and jeanie went orchard
stopover at lavender food court to eat
ate lot and alot
and shirley joined in too
den went orchard
lay went cut her hair short
den off jan and jas went
both to tanjong...tanjong katong and tanjong pagar
to meet their xxxxxx
den while waiting for lay to finish cutting her hair
me jeanie and shirley and shan went hmv shop for amy birddae present
den ya
cant find anyting
and aft lay join, shan went off to meet her flexible
den we four went cine and taka and far east
but nth on our mind to buy for amy
so the end we bought nth
but still
spending a dae out is fun
better than staying home
i dun like to go home!!!

Wed June 6th
No memory of wat i do
but tink i stayed at home?
to slack

Thur June 7th
Expo mother hood fair
working for diamond water
and ya
the work sux
realli sux
all becos of one woman!!!
tat gugu
took cab to expo..supppose to reach at 12
and ya
spent 8$
den went eat bk
spent 2$
den total 10$
already 2hours pay gone
but nbermind
den start wk feeling super drowsy and slpy
duno why
cant focus at all
den at first was told our job was to distribute flyers
den in the end nid do survey
but stil ok
is during the work from 12-8
the gugu woman kip tinking she veri big and kip checking on us
asking us wat happened and how is the situation and got any questions not
den kip teaching us wat to do
ya ..and kip spying on us
asking ask not to tok not to chat among ourselves and ask us to station at one place and dun move
super gugu
like we had no expereinces like dat
realli sux
my mood super affected by her
lucky got amy and beeyan working also
if not i tell u
i sure cant survive the bloody 8hours
and ya
dinner was quick
half hour
so ate corn, 1 ice cream and bought i drink
spent 4$ ba
another 1 hour pay gone
den aft work went to john little and shop
bought someting
10$ i tink
and ya
2hours pay gone
so in the end
i work 8hours tat dae
5hours of pay gone
meaning i earn 15$ tat dae
but nbermind
aft dat beeyan went home and me and amy went to eat the yummy foodcourt ban mian
tom yam de
yummy de
long tym nber eat le
so super miss it
den aft eating went home
and at the bus stop
picked up $5
which is my 1 hour pay
end my dae lucky sia : )))

Fri June 8
Received an horrified mail the previous nite
telling me tat the 20th century project date line was on mondae
so ya
super shocked
so met up with jeanie at sch to do up our mood board sketch book and illustration board
but didnt do much la
i managed to finish my mood board
so satisfied
but in the end
was told tat anotehr mail was sent to inform us that dateline extended to thurs
super happi and relieve la
we two
anywae i skipped work to do tis project
not feeling guilty
but feeling hapi
reali hate tat gugu
and later in the nite
was told tat tat gugu give a damn to janice
and was super f up with that gugu
and so decided not to work on the next dae also
and beeyan also didnt work
amy too
so ya
all didnt went for work
all becos of tht gugu
their business will be affected cos we are not there
anywae aft projecting with jeanie
went aston with jas and alvin
i am super bright tat dae
light bulb ya
and the food there
nice nice
ate hickory chicken and mushroom soup and onion rings
i am not pig
but duno why tat dae apptitie too good
den went classic pool
played till 3plus am i tink
reach home and ate fried prawn mee
den went slp
pooling was fun la : ))
but my pooling suXX big time!!

Sat June 9
Skipped work and stayed at home
so guai rite
slack again
den watch tv and do my 20th century project
do from 12am to 7am..and i jus managed to abt to finish my sketch book
tat is how slow i am
but thats super hard la
the drawing and tracing of deisgns and the writing and understanding of the 1930s characterisitcs
but was glad tat i finished ..erm almost done la..hben colour also la
den went slp for like 3hours?

Sun June 10
Big dae!!
amy birddae
was suppose to meet 12 at city hall
but was late
reach abt 1220 i tink
and ya
our wonderful clique
abt 10ppl?
oni me and amy reach
poor birddae gal have to wait for the others
den beeyan reached
den ron joined
but off we go to yuki yaki first
met lay
and wait for jan and ron to arrive
den we 6 go in eat first
hungry hungry
and long tym no eat yuki yaki
so super excited
den jas came, jason came, shan came...
we 6 in one table
they three in one table
foto taking tym was fun
the MOLE especially
super fun
the cooking eating chatting joking everytin
so fun fun
but ya
the birddae gal not veri hapi
so was like trying our best to cheer her up
ate til super full
den give up
didnt finish the food tat we take
waste waste
but ya
still staisfied
except for the 2 small cockraoches we saw
other than tat
everytin was nice
especially the soup
den went pooling
the pool table super small and low
veri diff to play
den also super hot
den i kip sweating
cos the light veri low and near my bodi
but still
playing with such a big group of abt 10 ppl was fun fun and fun la
the ultimate winner is tat jasmine
super pro la
althgh didnt win much ..but the process counts la
den went outside gv to celebrate amy birddae
the birddae song singing, cutting cake and playing chatting foto taking, running and everytin
super big clique
15 ppl lor
amy is sho sho lucky
wonder how mani ppl will turn up for my birddae celebration
dun hope for much
cos ya
exam period again
anywae back to topic
aft all the fun tym
beeyan left as usual
den we went central to eat long john
den huimin joined
went kandi bar to chill out
was abit scared actualli
cos i scare got rashes again
but didnt la
so relief
the atmosphere was good
one for one promo
so we ordered vodka cranberry and vodka lime
i prefer the second one
veri cheap
all tgt we oni payed $7 each
cos 13 ppl excluding jeanie and shirley
cos they ordered whisky green tea
i chipped in $7 and drank one cup
dont like the taste
cos whisky taste super strng
i prefer DXO de
den play 5 10 15
super fun la
the sabboing
and drinking of alcohol
fun fun
left the pub at abt 11plus
decided to go kbox
in the end oni me lay and jas went
super fun
althgh we sang till no voice
but u cant imagine wat song we actualli sang
cha siew bao
and mani amni more
foto taking etc
sang til 5plus
decided to go eat xing wang hk cafe
but it wasnt open
u noe we three veri dissapointed
cos we realli wish to eat the food there la
already thght of wat to order le
and ya
its not open
even long john not open la
so in the end
no food outlets available
went to eat swensen
fish and chip in earli morning
super full and not veri appealing
also cos super slpy ba
den aft tat went home
slp slp and slp
tink i slp till 5 plus pm??
i also forgot le
it was a whole dae of fun la
with so mani close peers all gathered tgt
so seldom
and ya
althgh spent abt $70+
but tink its worth it la
memories will be there
and fotos also helped to capture al the wonderful movement :))
hope amy will be super super hapi with our planning and everytin
of cos she will : ))
she is a lucky gal :))
hope she will be happi happi alwaes
not used to seeing u sad ya...gugu amy!!

Mon June 11
At first was planning to meet jeanie in sch for the 20th century project
but ya
i was too tired
so didnt meet up
and stayed at home
also didnt touch anytin on the project
slack again
slack till i nth to do
den watch spider lilly
artistic show i can sae
but not bad
got two pretty gal acting
so ya
enjoyed la
i give 6/10

Tues June 12
JB dae with shan derek and lay
jasmine put us aeroplane cos she was sick
and ya
we 4 meet up at bugis at 9
den late plus taking bus and customing and etc
reached jb at abt 11
lay first time to jb
so she must be super excited plus mountain tortoise looking
first stop - coffee shop in JB
we super hungry
esp me and derek
so ya
i decided to drag dem to tis coffee shop tat i saw everytym i went in jb
to eat tis fish ball noodles
balck black de
super attractive
teh name call ah kun handmade fish bal noodles
yummy yummy
i like
den aft dat went our 2nd stop
city square
foto taking, eat, shop, laugh and joke
fun fun
ate sushi for lunch
not veri nice
oni love the chawa muchi
bought 1 top at city square
tink shulay bought 2top dere and alot of heavy mags
she is the ultimate winner
den off we go to pelangi plaza
ard 4plus
den i bought my double egg and cheese crossaunt from dunkin donuts
super nice la
actualli wanted sunny egg
but dun have
but the staff sae got tis more ex version de
similar to the sunny egg
but got chess
so i was like
i shld try
in deed
super nice
lay shan and derek also said so
it will be my next fav
i sure will order if i come across dunkin donuts in malaysia
went stone grill restaruant cos derek hungry
den he ate sirloin steak i tink
complain alot la him
i also ordered tom yam chicken noodle on the rock
super spicy and hot
so didnt finish all
but still yummy la
den went toilet
stomach ache
den went shop for another 1 top
and on the way also ate cheese stick frm lavender bakery, called the fifith avenue..super nice..highly recommended
also ate super cheap one scoop of sticky chewy choco swensen ice cream from season cafe
super cheap la
oni rm 3.80 for 1 big scoop
super worth it
and is branded de ice cream ok
in sg
sure veri ex de
and is damn nice
den aft tat
the 2nd toilet trip i went
den is our 4th and the last stop
da ma hua yuan
decided to save on cab fare
so we dicided to walk since its quite near
i walked before
but forgotten
and ya
walk and walk
all ppl we asked give us diff direction
in the end we reached hua yuan
but is cai hong hua yuan
also got food and stuff
but didnt go see
cos all we want is food at da ma hua yuan
so aft asking a pretty and nice lady for direction
we decided to take a cab down
since its near
and no tym to waste too
and reached our destination
miss the place and the food
settled down at one seafood shop
ordered cerel prawn, chilli crab, claypot toufu, sambal kangkong, fried oyster and sting ray..
yummy yummy
den also one super big cup of green apple juice each for me lay and shan and sugar cane for derek
its realli super big la
and oni $4 rm..
u cant get it in singapore i tink
shan and derek admit defeat first
saying they are super full
so me and lay continued and managed to finish up the food
actualli not veri ful la
lay oso sae so
den she went to order a ramly burger
her dream food
and we share half half each
den a uncle at a stall even stare at we two and said : " eat so much le still eat burger ah!"
lol den we super shy la
alot of nice fotos taken
the food
and u guess wat
so mani food ordered
oni cost us $33 rm each plus the drinks
total $132rm oni la
equal to like $64 sing dollar
so one person oni $16
u realli cant eat so much for so cheap in singapore la
one crab already cost u a big hole!!
so ya
cheap seafood? go da ma hua yuan

aft tat went city square to pee and went the shop houses along the street to custom to shop
bought two tops there
till we got no single cent left
spent all our money
for hte last piece of shirt bought
all trying to dig out money to buy it
super thank you to them

we each spent ard $100 sing dollar
4tops, mags and etc for lay
food food and food and 4tops for me
1 top and 1 bottom for shan i tink
1 shoe and 1 top for derek
so ya
we are veri satisfied
den went take bus to singapore
shulay super funny
slp on the journey back
and still ask us not to disturb her and wanted to sit all the wae to bugis
cos she wan to SLP longer
oh my god
ultimate pig
eat the most
slp the most
super mis match the look
den home sweet home we went
fun trip
definitely spice up this holidae
:) ))

Wed June 13
Meet jeanie at sch to do 20th century fashion project due the next dae
decided to try and finish as much as we cool and went amy hse to stay over
she helped us to draw the face of the model for our 12designs
super big thank you to her
managed to anyhow finish and hand in on tym
did made some last min changes
but still
i oni got one ting to sae
art is not easy
and realli is super tiring doing it in 1 or 2nite time
not easy ah!!
Managed to tahan till 7plus den finish the sketch book and the pasting of fashion illustration board
den went to slp for less tahn 2hours i tink
den went sch hand in project
jeanie leh
kip complain tired and so went off to slp at 530 and wake up ard 645 ba
and continue sturggling
but lucky in the end we two manaanged to finish : )))
Thnks amy for the big help and her mum for the nice wan ton noodles

Thurs June 14
Aft handing in project
went white sand with jeanie
she go find her BABY?
to feed her milk
ate water rise and ya kun..super full cant finish the yakun bread..and we gave it to her baby
at first super look forward to water rise pancake burger
but was veri dissapointed cos the standard drop
alot alot
but still
i finished it
shared chicken bites with jeanie
and 2 half boiled eggs and 4 peices of bread but oni manage to finsih 2
den bought toiletries
shower foam toothpaste and facial foam
den home sweet home i went
but didnt manage to slp long
duno why
so so super tired la!!
mayb aftall i am still not so pig la

Fri 15 June
Went sch for project meeting
super long
but still
porject sux
aft tat went ASTON again
with jas lay and alvin
ordered double up chicken
meaning two piece of chicken with two side dish
hickory and black pepper chicken
yummmy yummmy
was super super fulll
also hlep lay to finish up the mushroom soup garlic read and some of her spaghetti
cos she not feeling welll
so must help her
not becos i am pig!!
but still
veri super statisfied
highly recommened
the food there
worth the queue!!
realli realli
den went to classic pool
be lightbulb
played for ard 2hours
den went home
saw dennis, diana, daniel, jingjiang and another htm guy at classic pool too
so was like two table side by side
so paiseh
i must had throw face with my super GOOD pooling skills
den home sweet home i went
: )) )

Super super super long entry rite
my hand is super suan now!!
mission, vision, goals and objectives for the week before sch open is to enjoy as much as i can, slp as much as i can and finish apel refelction, biz reflection, ob article review, desti report, desti presentation and lastly biz entre project!!!!
super alot of tings to do in jus one short week la
time not enuf la!!
i got to buck up
realli got to
if not sch reopen jiu alot of dateline coming
sure not enuf time de!!
so jia you jia you!!

i hate the nite
the super lonely and quiet nite at home
when no one is online to chat with
feeling so super lonely and moody
but no one to chat to
make me even worse
i wonder
do i realli have someone tat i can sae watever my feelings to and a someone to listen to me
emo emo
i love elmo!!
cheersss sk

No foto tis time..but i promise..funny and cool fotos will be uploaded sooon
cos now too alte too tired le
i must go rest
so ya
do rmb to tag k
dun see le jiu go
so incoperative


let me heal my heart4:18 AM

Sunday, June 03, 2007
qUiz abt mE

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Overall, your true self is passionate and physical.
With friends, you seem dramatic, lively, and quick to react.
In love, you seem gentle and sensitive.
In stressful situation, you seem like you're oblivious to the stress.
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Your negative traits:
Sometimes you are so focused on your goals that you let your relationships sufferYou tend to be a perfectionist - and expect perfection from your mate as wellYou are picky. So picky that you rather be single than with someone who has a few minor faults.
Your ideal partner:
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Active. You're a bit hyper, so you'd prefer a date that involved rollerblading in the park or hiking.
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let me heal my heart2:46 AM

UpdaTEs---viRgin Show at DXO

FRI nite
Planned to go to the arena to see cause of the free entry tingy
but to our dissapointment
the age limit is like gal 21 guy 25
and so..having thght tat i am prepared to go clubbing le
so choose another club
aft much decision
DXO was chosen
went with a clique of nice and caring friends
jan and her ron, jas, shirley and jeanie
they witness my virgin show for clubbing
met at makan sultra
ate and enter the club
entrance fee $18 for guys and free for gals cos is ladies nite
actualli been to dxo..but not for clubbing purposes
so was quite familar with wat is inside
went to second floor
sit at tis comfortable seats and tok and took some fotos
den drink and went to level one dance floor
dun dare to dance
cos realli shy
unlike jan, jas shir and jeanie
me and ron was like
pole/wall standing beside them
so paiseh
den decide to open a chivas
i joined in
and mixer will be green tea
jan and ron leave at ard 1 plus i tink
den we 4 continued
drink and dance
and i started to get high
den dance like mad
and i enjoyed
dancing with 3gals ard me
so xin fu rite
the other guys must be cursing me
aft tat jeanie and shirley disappeared into the toilet
and shirley fren ken and stanley joined us
den shirmain also joined us
den we dance and drink tgt
i reealli duno wat i am dancing
if someone did record down..i will be so paiseh to see
dey two stayed in the toilet to like 2plus 3
den came out and went home
looked like a mad women
hair messy messy
den left me jas shirmain and the two guys
shirmain was drunk and lying on the chair
while me jas continue dancing and drinking
our last cup of alcohol is chivas with orange juice
the mix is not bad i itnk
lucky i am still quite awake aft 1 vodka sprite, 5/6 cups of chivas with green tea and 1 cup of chivas with orange juice...
and lucky got te two guys to help out
if not
i duno how to handle shirmain and jas
cos shirmain reallli drunk and vomited
den her bag damn big can
so we three guys help the two ladies out of dxo
and shirmain vomited again
and ya
we three took a cab home
sending shirmain home first
den me den jas
the fun nite ended
pcoket quite a big hole
but realli
my first time experience of clubbing was fun and nice
so ya
tink i will go again
but not tat soon and frequent
total spending $18+$38+$10=$66
aft the fun and joy
i got myself whole body of rashes
i tink i am allergic to alcohol ba
not as itchy as the last tym tat rash
but still
quite red and disgusting
so i spend my weekends at home
better dun go out to scare ppl

anywae...thanks jan jas ron jeanie and shirley for the company
and for the care and concern and guidance : ) )

mid-term test coming...lucky oni 1 paper which is on the coming tues
hope it will be easy
and i will have the strength to study on monday
if not i will be dead
its so theory base laaaa
then follow by 2 weeks of holidaes with lotsa assignment and projects to complete
hope i can be good and guai to finish dem
and hope will have a short holidae trip : )))


let me heal my heart12:45 AM

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