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peach blush

Sunday, September 16, 2007
life updatesss

yest nite was so shocking
when i heard the news of jan kana car accident
lucky oni fracture leg
if not ah...
oh my god
cant continue tinking
i did my veri best
send her a veri veri funny msg
tink she will be entertained during that veri moment when she is reading the msg
and pls
when coming into contact with traffic
pls kip a veri careful lookout k
dun anyhow tink and anyhow cross
do not end urself during the SIP ah
its not worth it wor
jan mus take care
ur hatch one is waiting for u
waiting for u to HATCH ONE more

and saw that ZHU LAY online jus now
toked to her
her life must be not bad
got to noe tat her life revolved ard 10mins
10mins walk to internet room
10mins walk to bath
10mins walk to canteen
and so mani 10mins
how i hope attachment is like 10mins oni...

yeashh....i had off yesterdae and todae and tml
meaning i had a straight 3 dae off frm sat to mon
cool rite
but realli sian
cos i off
doesnt mean the others in the clique also off
so life is still quite boring
yest went a little shopping with jeanie and fatty
bought a office pants and shirt for 54 in total
...wallet bleed
and i predict still hav more for me to buy
like another pair of shoe ah..and mayb a decent office bag ba
and ya..a umbrella...
office must have umbrella
if not lunch break cant leave the office for food...
thats not veri cool
aft alittle shopping at taka and far east..
went meet adel
see cherry band..
till late nite ard 1plus ba
den went hk cafe with her to have a bo luo bao and one triple snow ice...
not tat nice for tat red bean favour...
prefer ice monster..yumyum

den todae...stayed at home for the whole dae..slpt frm 4am to 4pm = 12hrs of slp
but still not satisfied eh
stayed at home for a whole dae of drama...chiong "hei tang ma qi duo"
nice nice
now me at esp 8
will continue when i get the remaining supply
highly recommend wor...
can help u all relax during sip
so can go watch watch wor

tml is also a dae of boredom??
shall slp till late
den shld be meeting up with amy ong li xiang ba
but meet up le do wat...??
i also duno
lets see wat i have on mind
but sure
there will be food in my itinery

and tuesdae is wking dae le
tues wed thurs fri and sat
straight 5daes of wk
...i mus realli jia you jia you!!
shld try to adapt to taste of coffe
den can drink duirng sip to kip me awake
no more dozing off pls...

yeah...i had alot of tings to buy on my mind
1) psp slim
2) hp

actualli oni two la
but both also veri ex
and is all technology
...erm..i am flooded with technology
and they are goin to make my pocket bleed
shld i buy or shld i not...ermmmm
i shall consider...

and ya
shall comment abt my third dae of wk - fri 14/9
met up with jeanie at somerset mrt
den bought a soon kway and a curry puff at old chang kee for breakfast
and i ate the soon kway leaving the curry puff in the drawer
...tinking tat i will be free to eat it during wk...heee my surprise
stress is coming and time is not enuf!!
i was presented with a booking to be make earli in the morning
nad i made it with the help of another nice colleague..
learnt more thru the coaching..
hope it help and i rmb the steps and info
aft tat was a little break
..was asked to go over to the transfer department to learn some cross learning
was surprised by the wkload and the complicated job scope they have
..lucky i wasnt in the department
but i can sae..with challenging job..time pass faster
and i noe tis new colleague by the name of santhana...
nice girl
teach me some knowledge abt the transfer job
and also comment tat
i didnt lok like a poly student!!!
tats so sad
but still
she is frenly la
lunch was at cine food court..with jeanie pf and yvonne
ate the minced meat noodle..
not bad la
cine will be one fo our common place for lunch
and i predict
the tym wher we can still meet up tgt during lunch will be ending soon
as we are alll in diff department
and i am sure work laod is coming soon for us
as peak period is coming
so ya..
shall treasure this period of lucky tym we hav : ))
better than those like amy and jan
who is wking alone...hee
but i tink amy shld be not bad ba
attracted so mani guys
the power of double chinned big butt girl??
haaa..go amy
i am sure u will enjoy ur wk there
4ever cheerful laughing and smiling and slping

back to wk...
aft lunch was more work to do
didnt stop
did booking
check hotel availability
reply email
cancel booking
arrange invoice and documents
replying email

all these is wat i did aft lunch
and ya
i wk till 7.10 like tat ba..
..tis is really a challenging job
..i tink more is goin to come
soon real soon
and i am oni taught and assigned the most basic and easy job wor...but still...
its challenging to my standard...
but i shall find interest and laughter frm all the work tat was assigned to me!!!

looking forward to wk on tues..
and those tat didnt blog and update...
pls do so soon k
..ppl like pf and beeyan and adel and huimin...
tis blog is for everyone
so ya..pls do blog
dun find entertainment frm our entry k
must be fair
let us find some frm urs too :)))

lets meet up soon k
have been seeing alot of jeanie adel pf and amy lately
but wat abt others...
do make a effort to sms ard and meet up k

sk 2nd daE ... still yawn

i am still veri veri tired
todae woke up at 730
althgh i slpt for 7 hrs
but i still cant yawning and closing my eye
todae didnt shit
so able to make it to somerset mrt and meet jeanie at 840
den went 711 for breakfast - fried beehoon
eating when walking
we was like toking...
sure turn fat when we have breakfast, lunch and dineer
and duno why
althg u stay inside the office and sit for the whole dae
i still feel hungry veri easy
duno why
9-10.30 read files and documents
den 10.30 onwards was stapling itinery and fold brochure etc
i also did a booking for a hotel first so called "easy" booking tat my mentor passed me to do
still a little bit scary
and i did it damn slow and careful with the guide of my nice mentor
everytin nid to be so careful
booking plus emailing back the company tat book the hotel
everytin mus be correct
and everytin must have cushion with black and white to prevent any mistakes or misunderstandings
the booking is still under pending
yes ..pending
cos the agency haven reply me if they wan the booking not
so i tink by tml can be cfm
and duno good or bad new
heard frm my mentor tat
i will have my own agency that belong to me frm tml
meaning if the agency send us email for enquiry
i will be the one replying to them and do their hotel booking
will be stress in the beginning i tink
but hope i can cope
i hope i dun destroy everytin and make mistakes
haaaaa pray
lunch was at cine with jeanie and pf
lucky i stil have them to lunch with me
better than one person eat
after lunch was back to folding brochure and stapling
and 4.5 hours just passed slowly
same as yest
there was moment wher i doze off and eye closing
and the place i will visit will be toilet
to wash up my face
but sometime it is useful, sometime not
so ya...
another helper was my mentos sour sweet i bought yest
hope tml will be a better dae
and i am jealous
jeanie and pf went city tour yest
todae go nite safari
tml will be goin sentosa
so enjoyable
at leat can go out
wont fall aslp

hope i dun continue my dozing tml
jan work place is like so so cool
cheers everyone : ))))
continue to update wor
gonna slp....

SIP tiring

oh Zhu Lay..
it will be so wonderful tat the bathroom has no doors
must be so interesting
but do take care k
do not kana peep by peeping tom/susan or ah a or ah b ok
and bed too hard rite
i teach u
go pour some water onto the bed
den it will become soft and soggy
jasmine will like the feeling and maybe the taste
hope wk will be fine for u wor
and so looking forward to u wearing the chambermaid uniform
must be "cute:

good luck k
and do update more
i tink lotsa ppl in our clique is missing u
including me
oh more chance to see zhu lay slping beside me and eating sour plum and eating papaya and green apple
oh no!!!
but still u will be back soon
real soon
rmb wor
waiting for u to go taiwan with me ya : ))

now will be SIP time
first dae of sip
guess wat
i woke up at 730
yet i oni reach on tym like 9?and jeanie run like mad and reach a little bit later
and i have to squeeze in order to get into the train...
dun like dun like
tml nid to wake up earlier le i tink
i forget to estimate tym for shitting
so i shall do it starting frm tml
and in office was like yawning dozing and yawning
cant even concentrate
9-10.30 was walking ard the departments and printing my thick file of information
and 10.30-12 was my own tym own target
i finish reading the thick file tat contain the tariff and everytin
den 12 was lunch with jeanie and pf at lucky plaza...
food quite cheap
but cant last me long leh
cos my stomach was calling for more food at ard 5plus
after lunch was system training
..i tink learning the steps will be so super tough and scary
alot to remember
and no mistakes can be done
oh no!!
i pray : ))
tml was another dae of tiring dae
hope everytin will be fine
and tym will pass faster and faster
and ya...tis week schedule is sat and sun off..and other weeks will be like mon to sun with one weekdae off and sun off
and mon-fri is 9-6.30pm and sat is 9-5
i better get more slp before tml come
i hope i dont yawn again!!!
i shall bring more food to prevent me frm slping..
i have my own not so permanent desk and drawer to put my stuff
all the best for me and the clique k...faster update us k
so surprise that jan is the first that update us..haaa
others pls catch up and update kkkkk
meet up sooooonnnn!!!

results was out
and yes!!
i finally passed the gpa 2.99
i am so hapi : ))
hope everyone has the same luck as me :)))

our friendship flows....

leg is pain
stomach is pain

let me heal my heart11:14 PM

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