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peach blush

Friday, July 20, 2007
i jus feel like posting

feel like posting
duno who to speak too
i am lost
duno wat to sae
a pure truth

was looking at blog
and i tink my suspection is cfm
first i feel sad
den i feel hurt
lastly i feel hatred

but now i am left with sorrowness


i tink u r happy
tats impt
can see it from text
and he must be lucky
lucky to have u to love

i am lucky too
i have myself
and i noe my frens

i felt wierd
its like so long since i asked my clique to go out
mayb i learnt to be independent
i duno
mayb is project tat make me busy and have no tym to tink
my heart is dead
althght i didnt sae a word
althght i may seem to be unreactful to the words of u all
its not becos i have no feeling
the speech u all tok to me
do make me feel hurt
i felt so unrespected
u noe
althght we are frens
and may b close
tats y attention may not be paid in speech
but ya
i hope tings can change
and i dunno y
y am i controlling my temper
telling myself tat its becos we are close and u all didnt mean it
telling myself tat i shldnt shout back
frenship shldnt be break
someone need to take and one need to give
its a two way ting
so i hope tings will change to the better
i nid a soul
i nid a hug
i nid another memory

let me heal my heart2:48 AM

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