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nick: =skII=
school: TP HTM
birthday: 30th aUg

food pig eat everyting
drink pig drink anytin nice
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superdae slping and eaTing daE
superbuddies aDEl-aMy-sHAn-tOot-jaNice-laY-jaSminE-mIng-tIng-mIn-bEeyaN-tIngting-pF- (no order of merit)
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Friday, August 31, 2007
foto updateXxxx

let me heal my heart11:14 AM


wher shld i start??
tas when i realised how long i didnt update my blog

ok here i start
went sch earli in the morning for be presentation
presenting to the whole lec grp
kinda nervous
but to no surpise
the lec hall is empty
with 3 ppl that came to support mingzhi and matthew
and also ppl from the other grp who is presenting
so ya
not so nervous aft knowing the face
and start presenting
felt so relaxed aft tat
met up with jas aft tat and went jack's place for lunch
yummy yummy
den went nokia care and went back sch to collect the art assignment back
happi tat i managed to pass
den met up with shan amy and jeanie to go orchard and search for pf present
a tough search with lotsa distraction along the wae
including food and own shopping
den went down to Village for pf birthdae celebration
jan and ron joined
ordered lotsa food and had a fun time : )

supposed to be last dae of sch for sem 3.1
went for dpd revision lec
den went itas to eat with shan and lay
food was nice
den was practice for ticketing test at 2
super scary
den took the test and felt lost in between with lotsa mistakes
there gone my A
den met up with amy and nana and jas
and proceeded to bedok for our ingredients for cooking at amy hse later
fun time searching for cheap and good fresh ingredients
went to amy hse and prepared the food and everytin
had a good meal
dishes include : steam egg, steam fish, fried egg toufu with jing zhen gu and dou miao, fried pork in dark soya sauce and lastly cheese toufu
super sstisfied with our effort and food
the process of marinating cooking talking laughing chopping washing is fun + fun
even amy's mum complimented us..haaaa
and ya..the food is nice for sure..
activities continued
eating and mahjong-ing
ate two tub of ice cream, jelly, onei onei, tang yuan and man tou
super dupper pig
and ya
mahjong-ing is so fun
duno when and how i got addicted to tis activity
but i noe i had lotsa mahjong session with amy and nana and also jas
my mahjong clique
we manage to play thru the nite
ya without slping
of cos we are tired
but still had to force ourselve to sch for the pre-sip session
simply tired during the tok
imagine if i was alone..
i wil sure be slping thru the tok
luckily there are frens ard
aft which the clique went down to jas house for mahjonging again plus some chilling out
but oni managed to play a few round
cos realli too tired
den went home and had a good slp

wanted to go sch for ob lec
but due to the fact tat i will be late and there is no seat in the lt
decided to meet up with jeanie at tm instead
to bank in cheque and collect my hp
den proceed back to tp and meet up with shan and lay for a meal at biz park
and me jeanie rushed down to airport wanting to make a booking for our bangkok trip
but in the end..bought nth
cos decided to go chinatown to look for agency
jas and her mum said is easier and cheaper
thus we took the long train trip down to chinatown
approach few agency and settle down in farmosa
4d3n bangkok trip in first hotel by tiger airway with airport/hotel transfer and half day city tour
cost us $340 each
quite cheap i can sae
cheaper den other destination like hk and taiwan
aft which had porridge at chinatown
thnks jas mum for the treat
went home aft tat
with intention to study
but no motivation

met up with shan and lay at tiong to study ob
its quite productive i can sae
more efficient and effective as compared to me staying at home and study
had lunch at mos and stayed there for study
den proceed to food court for dinner and little shopping in tiong
den continue study at bk
den proceed home and continued study

Ob test at 7pm
i can only sae
i had not enuf time to complete the paper
and was writing very fast and very messy
hope the marker noe wat i am writing
overall paper wasnt too diff
but tink wont score well
proceed to tm for pasta mania with jas amy and nana
super ful aft the meal
and after tat decided to go jas hse for mahjong session
yes and mon there is desti paper
but still we played overnite mahjong till ard plus 7 i tink
fun time playing
lost to amy
den proceed home to slp

stayed at home study desti
but slpt till late
and also with lotsa tv programs like campus superstar and guess guess guess
i couldnt concentrate much on studying
its not productive at all

met up with lay at 2 at chinatown to study for desti
much productive cos distraction was lesser than at home
den shan joined and we had porridge again at the chang cheng porridge
super hot over there
den went some shopping and tibits purchasing at people park
den went bukit merah central to study till morning 4 plus and cabbed home to slp
effective study and doing of past year exam papers
lotsa toking and crapping tooo
but one ting i can sae..
the mac there is stuffy and hot

wake up at 10.30 am to read thru once
den went sch
2.30pm was the paper
crap thru
super crappy
half of the ans cant be found in the lec notes i tink
realli test our 3 years of crapy knowledge and skill
but aft tat
felt so super relaxed
proceed to funan it mall cos amy and jeanie wan sign some contract for thier comex work
den proceed to eat at the stall beside fisherman warft
nice nice
den went to shan hse for short mahjong playing session and mooncake eating session
den went home to slp

met up with jas shan amy and nana at marina bay for steamboat-ing
went to zhen fa
first tym we get to choose seats cos there are oni few ppl there
eat and enjoyed
den proceed to arcade, pool and ...
and its not home
decided to go amy hse for mahjong session again
realli addicted
me amy and nana played thru the nite till 6plus in the morning
lost to amy again
but nbermind
since its fun
den took abt 2hrs of short nap
and went to meet up the clique again for my celebration

birthday celebration for me
with the bunch of frens
detail pls approach me to ask me wor..haaaa
lazy to blog again

slpt for less than 2hrs
den went to meet up with huiming and weiting
i was late again
cos of my stomach
wasnt feeling veri well
meet up at 12plus
ate at food court
didnt eat much
oni few mouth of the fish bee hoon
den went k to sing frm 1-5
proceed to arcade for neo print session and some arcading
enjoyed the short fun tym together
with my sec sch clique
realli long tym since we had fun tgt
thanks for the k and the birthdae card
but i didnt see it yet cos huiming took it with her
den went comex and saw jan ron and van tan
bought a 320gb of hard disc from van
cost me $170
a big hole in my pocket
but nbermind
treat it as a birthdae present for me from myself
den proceed for some shopping and then home
the whole day didnt eat much
jus some fish meat with beehoon and 4 durian pancake at the nite
realli is no aptite
stupid and weak stomach i had got...

stayed at home the whole dae
slacked and blogged
will be chiong-ing shows later

duno wats the plan for the next few dae
but i am sure there will be outing
and sept 6 will be proceeding to bangkok with jeanie and jas
hope everytin will be fine and fun
and be backed on 9sept
super looking forward
first tym to bangkok
and there will be shulay farewell gathering and jason pre-enlistment gatehring to attend when we are backed from bangkok :)
hope it wont be too sad a atmosphere

had a fun birthdae celebration
but sometin is still missing..ermmmm...but its still fun
and special : )

thnks for those that spent my birthdae with me
and they are: amy wenna adel jas jeanie jan ron lay shan yan and pf :)

and those that wished me thru smses
and they are: Veron, yenny,bee hui,wendy, shirley, mingzhi, theresa, tingting and vivian : )))

and those that wished me in my frenster :)

thnks everyone :)))
let me looked forward for my next year birthdae celebration

and those that birthdae is cuming
looked forward to yours as well
cos i will sure to plan "EXCITING and FUN" activities for ur celebration : )) heee


let me heal my heart10:14 AM

Friday, August 17, 2007
facts abt my postings

language sux
out of 100 postings, 95 will be sad post
interval of posting will be quite long
and 2 out of 10 that read my postings actualli tagged
some postings have hidden meanings

jus sumtin out of nothing

let me heal my heart12:47 AM

s o u l


let me heal my heart12:27 AM

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

suffering from diarrhea and vomiting, think i kana food poisoning : (
the feeling is terrible
but its better than the pain from the heart
its much much better

Thursday 9/8 - national day
a day for celebration and relaxation
yet for me its a day for me to rush out my CDS assignments
earli in the morning 11.30am
met up with nana and amy
to watch 881
a mostly hokkien comedy
songs was nice
some scenes was nice and touchy
but some was like lame
aft tat headed to parkway
jasmine joined and pool we go
fun pooling
the begginning luck was with me
i won about 6 or 7 rounds ba
den aft tat kept losing
dae was so fun whenever i am with frens
den went giant to purchase fresh ingredients for cooking at amy house
bought udon noodles, cp wanton, chicken fillet, crabmeat and pork balls
amy home we go
cooked our delicious udon and wanton soup
so healthy
all soup based
aft eating played poker cards
again luck was with me in the beggining
and lost lost lost is wat i get aft the first few rounds
but was fun
den jeanie and fatty joined
and started of my long journey of rushing of cds fashion sketch books, illustration board, mood board and 12 fashion designs
rushed all the way till the next day 3pm
which was the date line
teacher was kind enuf to extend the dateline till 6pm
aft tat went home and slp like a pig

Fri and sat was slacking at home
slp and eat and watch shows
time without projects may b so slack and boring

Sun met up with ailing
collect a bag of foodies she bought back from hk and korea for me
den went newton to eat
happily ordered - cereal prawn, kangkong, stingray and oyster ommelette
food was nice
and i am fully satisfied
everytin was fine
until the next dae morning
stomach feeling damn terrible
went toilet twice
den headed to sch feeling damn horrible
the feeling was like
duno to go shit or to go vomit
top wan come out bottom also wan come out
but still controlled
aft desti tut went pool again
with jas shan and alvin
went level 5 instead of 8
i dun like the smell and atmostphere
prefer level 8
but still played for a hour
den me and shan went parkway
her slipper broke and nid to find a new pair
and i went toilet and vomit out
the feeling was great aft the vomit
den i ate ban mian and she bought her pair of slippers
dat was abt an hour
den pool we go
another 1 more hour
den went to eat mac - i thght mine stomach was already ok
went home aft tat
and slp from 10pm-2am
den wake up
the terrible feeling is back
i thght it was due to indigestion
so i ate a sour plum
which start off my uncountable trips to the toilet
presentation was cancelled
due to me and lay fallen sick
still manage to go for ob tut jus now at 3-5
den went home aft tat
i think my stomach is stil still not very stable
got the feeling i will visit the toilet later
but may god bless me

sometin its good to noe
sometin its better not to noe
but when u duno
u will kip guessing and looking for the ans
but when u noe
sometimes the feeling hurt
and it will really hurt
mood was super dupper low
so decided to go home
but yet wanted to go out
but where can i go
i shall stay at home and tink and reflect
i tink he must be a lucky guy
and she must be a happy gal
and i hope i can be a forgetful guy
i wan to forget abt the past
the memories
tat was once happy
it bring me saddness now
but memories is sometin human live on
until he/she find new memories
so ya
i dun tink i will ever forget baaa




let me heal my heart6:17 PM

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