name: =sSk=
nick: =skII=
school: TP HTM
birthday: 30th aUg

food pig eat everyting
drink pig drink anytin nice
colour black white purple
superwish 1)True Love 2)LOVE
superdae slping and eaTing daE
superbuddies aDEl-aMy-sHAn-tOot-jaNice-laY-jaSminE-mIng-tIng-mIn-bEeyaN-tIngting-pF- (no order of merit)
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Saturday, November 18, 2006
-movIng on-

i realise
i have to get out of tis dream
i got to carry on
i tried
and i try
rejected and being reject
although i wish to be backed
although i dun wish to be alone
i have to try
trying to adapt
adapt backed to the life that belongs to me
i made tis choice
and i shld accept it no matter how unwilling i am
the happiness was for me to keep deep inside me
and maybe
my life wont be as colourful as that period
but no matter wat
i have to get up
i have to walk
untill the dae
when my happiness return
if there is any
i am strong
at least frm the surface of me
i am
but for now
i hav to be strong internally
as i hav no one to care and love me as before
i have to adapt
to the morning without msg
the dae without msges
the nite without kisses
heart broke and nber be backed into 1 again
a corner had chipped off
as my heart cries off
once again
backed to reality
i am still
with me myself and i
goodbye to the happiness that was nber meant to be for me
greeting hi to the loneliness that is waiting for me
life as usual
sk shld go on and on...
till my tears no longer drip

LiFE is so fUN
haVing proJEcts that suX like hell
nber nber ending
stress that is taking my precious slp awae
hav to try harder man
so that i can stay well in this sem
in such a competitive course
test is coming tooo
oh my god
how can i handle them
i wonder man
and duno why
tis few weeks so mani ppl brithdae
adeline's followed by huishan and now beeyan
and i tink stil got mani more
oh my god---super broke
project superstar is coming again
and i met someone fun
i can use a wonderful fish to describe her
and tat is IKAN
dun ask me y
she is a little bit mad
but voice is nice and shall support her
pls also give her some support k
she rOxxx
and last but not least
i sTIll lovE my gRP of lovely frenS
simply brought wonder to my life
poly rox with them ard
cherrs and may luck and strength be with me
project shall rock with me
go SK!!!

let me heal my heart12:35 AM

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