name: =sSk=
nick: =skII=
school: TP HTM
birthday: 30th aUg

food pig eat everyting
drink pig drink anytin nice
colour black white purple
superwish 1)True Love 2)LOVE
superdae slping and eaTing daE
superbuddies aDEl-aMy-sHAn-tOot-jaNice-laY-jaSminE-mIng-tIng-mIn-bEeyaN-tIngting-pF- (no order of merit)
super super SSK



*aMy oNg*


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peach blush

Monday, July 17, 2006
--i am SSK--

Pig fOr sALe
hahaha--->the thrEE suppeR pig faCE
wah realli look like pig leh
kip lookout for more fotoS
maYb u will also be inside 1 of e foto

yeah--i am Sim Seng Kwang
oBviously rite
jus cRapping aGAin

hahaha got laugh or not?



start of proper entry
yeaH--toDAe is cUli
and u noe wAT
i am not late and i nber take cab
and i arrive earli
thnks for my bed not wanting me
sunDAe nite
came home and wanted to pack
but i am so tired
so i decided to slp at 12
and planned to wake up at 1am
but common sense also tell me i wont wake up
that dumb dumb called me at 1am
but i nber ans
i dun even notice the fone ring ba
and i also dint care bout that alarm
and i continue to slp until 3am
den wake up an pack everyting slowly
cut nails
pack clothes
den bath
any 620
carry all my barang barnag out
so damn heavy
hahaa and in the end...reach sch and get changed quite earli
culi grooming check
the scary ting
but i hben kana deduct marks be4
i tink
and the nice mr jeremy sim (same surname familly)
say my hair is perfect man
make me so high and shocked
i tought he look at me so long for wat (interested in me??)
as i m not involve in trial cooking
i was in production
and is petite
i tought
finally petite
shld be wont cant veg again
but in the end
task allo
i was incharge of cutting onions
with anoth gal
she teared
i didnt
so proud of myself..
duno y
all the chef like me to cut veg leh
everyweek also got
last last week ( cut capsicum and peel potato)
last week (cut carrot)
this week (cut onions and peel potato)
u noe..
so poor ting
and in all the weeks before..i tink i also cut veg everyweek
y y ?
i am pro in veg cuts meN
then me and tat onion gal was incharge of serivce in petite
den i was in charge of grilling and plating grill veel sausage
wah so long man (oppX heeE)
everytin was fine and fun
but after tat
chef phua left we two alone
den suddenly taht kitchen old virgin chef jasmine NG came
and she shout here shout there
sae wat the onion gal fried tings not cook de
den i took out the veel cos will chao da
den she sae y i tak out
i tell her chao da le la
she sae y i nber lower fire
den i sae lower to lowest le
she sae
cant lower
thne i sae
lower somemore is oFF le lor
den she kip insisting of putting back
so i dun care her
she jus want to win la (that PMS chef)
duno wat is toking
oni know shouting
aft tat hav debrief then jiu stay back discuss abt proj
den jiu leave for home le
so bloody tired
reach home jiu slp le
dun even care abt my food
wake up at 9plus to eat my pig organ soup
and ya
todae i eat damn little man
oni ate 1 chicken wing and 1 bao in sch
so seldom
normally i willl eat and eat
good start in losing weight
tml not going for culi lect
not goin for acc lect
and not goin fo rapplied research
decided to stay and slp at home to store energy
cos tml nid chiong proj till veri late
meeting tat lao qing at 1pm in sch to do proj
so hardworking rite
i tihnk everyting will be fine
veri fine
until fridae
2 proj stress will be gone
goin to end sch term le

next mon is culi proficiency test
haha i tink i am goin to do badly
i duno how to cook soup and how to cook stuff la
i oni know how to season
tink i hav a gud seasoning skills
hope everyting turn out well
i shall gatehr all of them who is in culi
to practice together
they shld be more pro in cooking
cos they are WOMEN man
hahaa ok
end here
enuf of rubbish
time to go slp
wuhahaha yeah
slping rox man

and last but not least
i realli wan to tok abt the red ants in my house
they damn irritating man
everywhere also got
in my bed room
at my house main door
toilet walls
kitchen table
everywhere also got
i hate them lor
i will squeeze them to dead whenever i see them
i noe it is cruel
but i jus hate them
hope they will shift home sooon

rock on maN


let me heal my heart10:50 AM

Thursday, July 13, 2006
---new blog entry--once in a while

< Wats tat face -- wuhaha>

haha-lng tym no blog
i am here to blog
i am so busy
too busy to blog everyday
cos of all the stupid projs and lesson and test and everyting
i skipped quite alot of class tis week
cos my bed ask me to stay by it through the morning
tats all it fault
nth special happened tis few dae
went mediacorp for Singapore idol today
the show was nice
RAhiMa is so cute
simply thE besT
hope she can gogogogo far and veri far
yest went out with teh tummy
go jurong entertainment eat the new japanese restaurant
like pepper and lunch
but cheaper
the hotpalte is nice
i ate beef and she ate chicken
somehow i prefer the chicken
the sauce taste ncier and sweeter
but beef also not bad
also got sell noodles
but nber eat
cos the hotplate smell nicer
den hor
the neo print shop at the seond floor
got cool cool de machine leh
orcahrd dun have de
got pink background
so nice and coool
u all can go check it out
yest also have my accounting test
tink not going to do well for the stupid theory
but hope i can maintain the overall standard of the last mid term test
look forward for the maRKs
may everyone bless me
harbour front muslim western food stall
the chicken burger damn nice
got colesaw got cheese got mayonise got duno 1 black sauce
and everyting make a nice nice big burger
and oni 2dollar
so if u all got go dere rite
must try ok
aft next fri i will be more hapi le
aft the marketing and club resort spa project are done
i will be much more free
i hope and i pray
time can pass faster
and i realli lng tym nber eat steamboat or buffet le
hope can find some tym and gather those busy frens and go eat together
see my physco power
also wish to go sing eh
sing sing sing
so mani new song
oh la
shall end my crap here
i updated my mini bio
free can go take a look oRH
haha --oppX
luv luv

let me heal my heart1:50 AM

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