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peach blush

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

aft having two sinful dae of eating
i finally decided tat starting frm todae..
i shall cut down on my diet
do more exercise and shake of my spare tyre
hope i can be perservere enuf
and ya
i started my dae todae with 2 doughnuts
1 HL milk for my lunch
and dinner
i had slice fish soup without rice or noodles
and tis is the start
and i am so hungry now!!
must REN!!!
i am sure i can do it

weekend was quite happening
thnks to my colleagues at my wkpalce
and my usual cliques

saturdae i realli ate alot
let me list down wat i eat
rice with curry chicken at 1plus pm
double filet-o-fish at 4plus pm
fish head curry and tie ban tofu and 1 plate of rice with my two other colleagues
and aft tat ate one curry puff
and hald packet of freid bee hoon
tats how sinful i am
eaten so so much
and sat was foto taking dae with my two colleagues at the CC
so fun
goin ard takin pictures
althght the bond we had is not veri strng
but i am glad to have them to kip me company and entertained during my pass few weeks of wking at the CC
goin to count down for my last week of wk over at there le..
shall miss them
miss the slack wking environemnt and time
and miss the money tat i can earn frm wking

and yest
went to hav steambaot buffet with amy nana jeanie and shan
the five of them
i tink i ate quite alot ba
but dun tink it hit my potential yet
but cos stomach not feelin too well
so didnt eat till the max
but realli fun
so long since i last eaten there
past memories built there
r jus meant for kiping i tink
aft eating went to play pool with shan and jeanie while the couple went home
i did win two game ..but its becos they two goal the wrong ball when playing with me
i am still new la..
was trying out the diff posture and techniques
so i played quite slowly
but i hope i can master pool sooner or later
aft tat went home

tml is anotehr wking dae
was tinkin if i shld go wkplace earli to use the gym not..
but i dun tink i can wake up

and i hav mani target for my last year of student life
and they are:::
1)shake off my tummy
2)tan my body till golden black
3)learn how to swim
4)exercise to prepare for my cuming nafa test and army life a year ahead
5)attend 2NE talks required to graduate
6)hit at least a GPA of 3 (no 2.99 pls)
7)no unwanted spending, maintain acc balance
8)maintain a healthy diet
9)either to wait or to forget

i hope i can accomplish all of them
give me ur support man!!

i wrote a letter
i tink its a letter that wasnt suppose to be
to be given to the receipient of this letter
i scare the letter is too disgusting
too useless
too unwanted
too scary
tat it will destroy the oni relationship tat we had
and tats frenship
and scare the reader will avoid me
scare tat i might lose even the mild contact
i am stil deciding if i am giving
but aft i read e entry
i noe i shldnt give
y shld i give
y shld i interfere
y shld i dream
y shld i try

but at the another side
i feel like giving
i feel like trying
i feel like seeing the reaction
i realli wan to let the receipient noe my feelings
noe wat i wan to sae all tis while

wat shld i do..
i hav 2 more daes to decide
tinking in progress

u dun hav to do anyting purposely to affect me
u are jus to "affective" to me
anyting u sae
ayting u write
anytin u do
without u noeing
i will be affected
i am jus too sensitive
its not ur fault neither its mine
its emotion and feelings that is wrong
my heart is going thru ups and downs
the feeling isnt good
a lot of guessing and tinking goin thru my mind now..aft seeing tat few words
my guessing falls on the negative side
i am at a losing end

without u, i am incomplete
i am seriously being affected by u
but i am willingly being hurt

there is a love inside me tat i cant describe
and i wonder if the love is to be or not to be



let me heal my heart3:27 AM

Thursday, April 19, 2007
FOtoS timEee (hP sErieS)

Malaysia Trip aPril 07 (1) LooK at thaT jaSminE faCE :)))))muhahaha
LooK aT shuLay tAT bLur monSter FAcE::))tAT unbaLanced EyEs
I Love Tis PiC--CoS got local FeelinG:))cool BackGRd
sO SO chuBBy-)))hahaA caugHt for SLpinG
kiSsing the reaL liZaRD???
tIs is REalli ObScene!! :))

tHe ObScenE 2
-tHe peepIng tom lookinG at e pEEing tOm-
lOOk likE a XiaO mEI mEI !!

WAt a SeXY LiPxxxx!!

wHen e NighT FaLl--tHE moNKey aPPeaR!!

thE undeRcovER!!

SLping SO SoundLY:)))muhahhA oinK pig piG!!


let me heal my heart2:11 AM

Monday, April 16, 2007
Malaysia Trip--yeah--wonderful mEmoriX

Long time no update
Here I am
To report my where about for the past few daes
Jus came back frm my Malaysia trip
The trip was fun and interesting due to travelling with frens and the relaxing without having to work
And with the shopping and eating
Time pass real fast for april 10-14nite
Set off to johor on the 10 afternoon and reached larkin interchange at abt 12pm
Den took the coach to MUAR
backed to my home town aft so so long la
about 10 years le
feeling excited but also scared
scare of the feeling tat I am goin to face my aunt and cousin that I nber seen for so long
the awkward feeling
but ya..i hav to sae
I am an unlucky person with a weak stomach and heart
Before setting off to johor
Went to toilet to shit
Den stomach started to ache
And I had bad feelings tat tis trip will be a shitting trip again
My feelings was rite
Stomach ache during the 2hour trip to muar
But I had to control
Due to the fact tat there are no toilet in the bus
The feeling is no no good
Scaring tat the shit will be crossing the custom
but due to the tiredness
I did slp for abt half hour on the bus ba
Oh ya..forget to mention tat this trip my pals was
Jeanie Shirley and beeyan
Den jasmine and shulay joined us at genting on the 11
Reaching muar at 2plus..on the wae..i realise I cant recognise anyting
The road the bus terminal..
Everytin changed
But sumtins still remain the same
Like the chicken tat I like to eat..the shop is still there..
And we bought one back to my aunt hse to eat
And we explored the 711 there…damn big la
Unlike sg
Den we manage to find a Chinese taxi driver to drive us to my aunt hse..
Cant take a malay driver cab cos I oni noe the add in Chinese
Then reached my aunt hse
Saw my aunt which I was so so afraid during my childhood due to her size, her loud voice and her fierceness
But now
She seems to be more frenlier
I wonder if is it becos my frens wass there
And most imptly
I saw my grandma
Which is the reason y I went to muar
I can see smile on her face
So happi to see her
And she is hapi when she saw me
Love e feeling
Aft eating the chicken we bought
Set off to muar town
Wanted to shop and enjoy the food there
Which I didn’t eat for long
But due to the rain..
All the roadside stalls didn’t open for business
I am so sad la
My satay otah fried oyster …and more was all gone
But nbermind
Still manage to eat pizza hut which is so diff frm sg
And is nice
The waitress damn frenly eh
So unexpected
And I also mange to find the yong sheng cake house which I loves their “fragrant biscuit” frm young
Bought 2 packet of that back to sg
Den went back to my aunt hse for dinner has been so long tat I last taste her cooking and food
so nice
yummy yummy
otah fish soup tofu and veg
so nice
damn full
cos Shirley and jeanie gave me some of their rice
and due to the fact tat they dun eat e chilli fish
I had to eat their share
Mak me more full
Oh ya..saw my two cousins
The feeling was diff
One was someone tat I played with everydae during my childhood stay at muar
And 1 was a bay den when I was still at staying at muar
Awkward feeling make the three of us didn’t tok much
Took fotos with them
Den was 10pm and they went to slp
The four of us bathed finish and feelin refresh sat infrnt of the tv to watch the Charlene show
Nice nice
Den went backed to room at ard 12plus den played poker till 3am
Tired and slpy
I fall slpt quite fast
Den wake up earli in the morning at 9am I guess
Den ate wan ton diff frm sg
So much nicer
Den stomach started to ache
Den went toilet
Feeling hapi for tinkin tat my stomach will not be pain during my coach ride
But I was wrong
Decided to wait for a taxi
But taxi was so rare
Took a bus instead
The bus ride was fun
Cos having childhood memorizes flashed backed
Den reach the terminal and bought the bus tix to kl
Super cheap
One person oni 12ringit
And oni nid travel tym of 2hours
The bus and sit was nice and comfortable
But my stomach ache during the whole ride
So scared tat I cant control myself and hav to shit
Lucky I manage to control
Den reach kl bus interchange
Den bought the genting coach tix and went up to genting
The trip wasn’t long
Less than 2hours
Den took the skyride cable car
But before hand
We did shop at the skyride station
Bought a keychain and cuttle fish
Sitting of cable car is quite fun and cooling
And my weak heart can take it
And ya
Genting really changed a lot
So so diff
But I didn’t feel tat it was cold there
Den went check in at our resort hotel
The room was big
2 bed and 1 sofa bed
and I slpt on the sofa bed
lucky stil quite comfortable
went eat at the food court aft tat’
ate stingray
but I tink it made me lao sai and stomach ache more serious
den went the haunted hse and believe it or not
and I feel like lao sai inside both the places
and I really admit I got a weak weak heart
we walked in pair of threee
me paring wit jas walkin in the middle
and both of us are so scare when walkin in the haunted hse
and she still try to scare me
But it isn’t tat scary as I thgth la
No much of scaring by the crew there
Oni 1 “ghost” that we see scared us
So disappointed
And not worth it
But the believe it or not was fun
Full of foto taking session
Took damn a lot of picture inside with lay and jasmine
A lot of funny poses with the exhibits there
But my stomach really ache inside la
But I manage to control
Aft tat we split grp
3 3
me and lay and jasmine went eating and shopping while the other three went indoor theme park to play roller coaster
we ate Kenny roger
yummy yummy
except for the mashed potato tat tasted weird
before hand also went to the toilet
damn shitting
aft eating went shopping and exploring the first world plaza before meeting up
den went to buy movie ticket for 1.15 show
Charlene act de SUPER fans
Den aft tat went to play pool
At first didn’t toght tat I will play
Cos I dunno how to play
And jas thght me how to play
And I got addicted la
Quite fun
No wonder ppl like to play pool
Den me and beeyan played two game against each other
And I won both the game
So happi
And I really like the pole in the middle of two fingers better
Den went back hotel to change and put back out staff
Den aft tat went to watch the movie
Jas and lay slp thru the movie
But really
The movie
Quite nice plus touching
But quite lame la
Den went back hotel and slp
The next morning woke up earli to eat chee cheong fan as breakfast
Long tym didn’t eat the nice chee cheong fan
The standard drop
But still not bad
Den went to meet lay and jas and we went down to kl for shopping
While e rest plyed outdoor theme park
Thnks jas father for paying the coach fee down to kl and the kl train fee for me
Nice and generous father jas has lucky of her
Aft I board the bus
I realise my stomach veri pain and feel like the shit is at the custom
Den I rushed down to the toilet
Having less than 10mins before the bus set off
I ran damn fast to toilet
Den there I sit
But I didn’t shit
Jus farted
But aft tat stomach more comfortable le
Den the trip down to kl was comfortable due to no stomach ache
Reach ther at 2 plus den went sungei wang to shop
So mani shops so little tym la
We tried our best to shop
But oni able to finish abt ¼ of the shopping centre
And we bought quite a few stuff
Lay really is a big shopper la
Bought so much time and in so little tym
So diff frm how she behaves in sg
And jas is really a big eater la
Same as wat she is in sg
And infact everywhere I guess
Den we went a café “gasonline” to eat
The inside décor was suepr nice and interesting la
Each table was wrap up by curtains
Den inside each “tent” was ghost décor on the wall
wat a nice theme café
The atmosphere was so relax and new
The food was nice
We ordered a lot
And ate a lot
Till damn full
Den took lots of foto with the wall décor
Den carry on shoppin and went back to genting
Went to snow world
So excited
Cos can experience a negative 7degree Celsius temp
At first entry
I noe it was veri cold
Althgth got jacket and glove
But was like no use
den saw ppl took pic with their cam
and I got tempted
so I went out to take my digi cam
inspite of the warning tat camera cant be took in due to the super cold weather
and me jas and lay took quite lot of pics
even aft we are warned by the staff inside
also took some grp fotos
and we was like so happi running here and there
but the nose really feeling veri bad
like the nose are frozen
and they sae cant touch cos will fall off
so scary
really fun and exciting experience la
but I dun tink I will go to such a cold country in the future
is quite torturous
den aft tat went to play arcade and eat again
den went back hotel to pack luggage
then the next dae
oh ya
forgot to sae tat
lay and jas stayed in genting hotel while me yan Shirley and jeanie stay in resort hotel
at the next morning
went to genting hotel to look for jas and lay at 1030 with my big luggage to carry on our shopping
I bought a bag during the short shopping trip
But jas and lay
Bought more than me
Really veri scary
Aft tat stomach started to ache
Althght I did went toilet during my morning bath
Went hainan café to eat den tried to go toilet
But nth come out
Damn la
Den the 6 of us met up and set of to kl
Checked in at nova hotel
Me beeyan Shirley and jeanie again sharing one room
While lay and jas staying one room
Due to scare tat will hav to queue too long for using of the toilet
Den set off to shopping at sungei wang again
The bigbig shoppin centre
Split into grp of the usual 3 again
Trying our best to shop finish all the shops
We cant
Cos its really too big
Stomach ache durin the whole shoppin trip
But still enjoyed myself
At first planned to go Chinatown at 9pm
But due to raining and unfinished shoppin pleasure
Chinatwn trip was cancelled and we stay inside the shoppin mall
And aft tat met up with them and went to green box and sing k till 4am
Abt 5plus hrs inside that small room
Sing and sing
Eat and eat
Cos got buffet supper
And got free flow of tibits and drink
But stomach started to ache really bad
And manage to control till I reach the hotel
But didn’t manage to let out cos the three gals use toilet
And aft a short waiting
I fall aslp
Den the next morning 14 april
Wake up and bath
Den packed luggage
1 big bag pack
and 1 big paper bag
frm the shopping trip
put the luggage at the counter and went to shop again
split grp again
and ya
we carry on shopping in sungei wang
didn’t manage to go time square or any other shopping centre
so amzing la
stayed in the shopping centre like 3 daes
and dun tink we did shop finish the whole mall
shoppin ends at 6 and we met up at the hotel
den realise tat our bags can be put till 10pm or even later
den we decide to go shoppin again
the three of us
lay jas and me went backed to sungei wang
while the other three went to Chinatown and bought the coach tix
but we three decided to eat at the food streets infrnt of out hotel first
me and jas ordered 3dishes and 2 rice
and the “small” portion is so big la
till we cant finish
but really
yummy yummy
and shulay broke her own record
ate dinner aft duno how mani weeks of not eating dinner
she ate a ramily burger n a bowl of frog leg porridge
big eater ah
but also didn’t manage to finish the porridge
den we went to sungei wang and carry on our shoppin
and on the wae
made keychain for our frens
and also for ourselves
cheap la
but on the wae was so scary
scare of robbers as we walk the back lane and was really messy
a lot of ppl walking ard and motors
and we three walk so tight tgt
and due to each person was carryin a paper bag in our hand
with the two gal carryin a playboy paper bag
which is quite branded
they are even more scared
but luckily
nth happened
and we are back in Singapore safely
we shopped till the shop close and went back to hotel and met up with the other 3 at 10pm
den started packing our luggage
really terrible
went there with one bag pack
came back sg with 2 paper bags and 1 fully starved bag pack
and 1 sling bag
sinful sia
and really spend a lot
abt 1300 ringit
oh no!!
I am broke again
And this trip
My “shou huo” are
10 top..2bottoms..1facial wash..1 box of undies..1 swimming trunk..1 sling bag..1 wallet..1…
really amazing ah
I am a shoooping king!!1
But I tink the other two hav more items than me

And for this trip
We played the “cannot sae Singapore” game
And I am the winner
Oni sae two time
So oni fined $10 ringit
But shulay
So poor tin
Really cant control herself sia
Sae le also duno
In the end
Fined the most
$50 ringit
and all the 6 person was fined to a total amount of $160ringit
and the money was used to pay for the karaoke fee
reached sg at morning 5plus
really happi and enjoyed myself tis tym
with the companion of frens
esp with lay and jas
the fun shopping tym and eatin tym we share and had
and the “secrets” we had
really is so fun
looking forward for the next trip
but have to save first
if not really no money to shop sia

will upload foto when I reach home
this entry really logn and naggy
cant stand myself
and my hand really aching
shall end here

fun fun trip
but now starting work again
den 1 more week sch goin to restart soon
no more relaxing le


let me heal my heart6:04 PM

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