name: =sSk=
nick: =skII=
school: TP HTM
birthday: 30th aUg

food pig eat everyting
drink pig drink anytin nice
colour black white purple
superwish 1)True Love 2)LOVE
superdae slping and eaTing daE
superbuddies aDEl-aMy-sHAn-tOot-jaNice-laY-jaSminE-mIng-tIng-mIn-bEeyaN-tIngting-pF- (no order of merit)
super super SSK



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peach blush

Friday, April 28, 2006

once a volcano erupt
it will definitely erupt in the future
once e trust is broken
its hard to rebuild it
once u hav e idea of imperfect
it will nber be perfect animore
when chance are given
it is meant to be treasured
and once
everyting flow like a high tide of the sea
there is nothing a small luv ship in the middle of the sea can do

let me heal my heart1:40 AM

pLs reAlii plS

i luV u
REalli luV u
caN u gIve mE moRE acknOleDgemeNT,
dUn maKe me fEEl likE i am tOking to mysELf
caN u sHOw me mORe aFfectioN,
caN u paMper me MOr
caN u tEll me mOre aBt ur feELingz anD waT u aRE tinkIn
aLthOugh i maY nOt be peRfeCT anD dIDnt pRovide u wIth e loVE that U waN
n maYb i aSKed fOr too mucH
bUT i reali wISh tO bE wIth u
sOrry tO makE u fEEl saD anD kiP maKin u tInk sO muCH
mayB i am juS tOO lousY yEAH

==hOpe ouR luV dUn eNd==

let me heal my heart12:30 AM

onCE upOn a tYM

mEEt heR at paYA leBar
aT firsT wanA gO aIrporT de
bUt aMy temP mE gO sIng Ktv
sO jIu weNt katOng sIng Ktv
thEY tELl me nOT to b laTE lor
bUt in the enD
theY laTE loR
i reAchED aT 625 i tInk deN gO tO eaT twO cAKe aT nEAr bY de shOp
jaSminE shaN amY deniSE beeYAn aRRived
anD we wenT to sTart ouR kTv sEssIon
fROm 645 sIng till 10
anD oni cosT 6dOllar per PerSon
sO cheap lor
AFt taT weNT tO a hOngkoNG caFe wIt amY and gAL
sO mani fOOd to choosE fRm
dUno waT to eaT
i cHoosEd mY faV frIEd RIce
waIted for so long
buT the fOOd reALLi wOrth thE prICe anD the waIting tym
i likE the chili
gAL eaT french tOast wiTH peanut buTTEr
sTIl saE not hunGry
fInisheD the wHOle plaTE
thAt meaL cOst 1650 fOr mE and hER
anD cOS iT is alrEAdy 11pluS i sCAre laTEr gaL no buS take at juROng
sO jiu deCied to tAk caB senD her to eUnos
tOdae i am tOtallY bROke
aFt taT jiu TAke buS go homE mysELf
i dIDnt send her hOme
FElt so baD yeaH
thanks foR cummIn all the waE to look fOr me
i REAlli aPpreaCiate
thnk tHnkX thnkxx
luV u

let me heal my heart12:25 AM

Thursday, April 27, 2006
bOrinG afTErnOOn

waKE up tIS moRninG
bUt deCide to cLose my eYE fOr a wHIle
whEN i oPen mY eyE
1hOur paSSed
deCide nOT to GO tO sCh
sInce i aM oSO vERI sICk
deCIde tO conTInuE to sLp
bUt rOll heRE roLl deRE rOll tIl 9plUS deN sLp
waKe up aT 130
eRm..a lonEly aFteRnOOn
dUno waT to DO
dUnO wheR to gO
sO bOrinG yA
sUddeNlY fEEl likE gOin tO aIRPoRT
dUnnO y
maYb lonG tym nbER go lE
sO haPi tO reCeivE a msG
"dO u wAN me tO miT u laTR?"
iT reALLi brIGhTen mY dAy
juS aTE fInisH mY fIsh baLl noDLes
qUite niCE aCTualli "reALLI"
nOw jiu lEt heR deCIde whEr tO gO anD miT aFTer daT
i aM sO aniTIng
i aM sO gUD yeaH
==tO be cOntinUEd==

let me heal my heart3:00 PM


i hOpE i caN sEe u
dUno whY
sO oF a suDDEn
hOpe u can peI me tmL
sEE u is bettEr thaN i go See dOc
i noE u niD go sCh
sO nOt gonA saE mucH yeaH
i aM a gUd bOi
nOt fEELin vERi wEll noW
Felt likE vomitIng aFt i EAt the FOOd
dUnnO wHy
sO losT now
dUno wan go sCh not
or shld i GO sch anD dun gO for the fAIr
oR wat shld i dO
i dunnO
liFE iS so mEssy fOe mE
anD aLl beCOs i tink tOO much?
taTs riTE
thatS the prOblem yeaH
i wilL woRk haRD
i aM sTRonG and i hOpe i can bE owaES haPi
anD be a Small LittlE lucki boi
====gO slp lE====

let me heal my heart12:25 AM

Wednesday, April 26, 2006
==biG hahA==

hAv i heaRd tHaT laUGhTEr
wIl i eVEr sEe daT laUGhter
waKE up aT 1Pm sHarP toDAe
wOke up bY mY brO
aFt dAt jiu wENT onlinE cO slasT nite DIdnt manAGe to dO tAT
mY pAPa bought mE meESiam
WAsnT i sUpposE to eAt taT
buT i still eaT
coS i haV no moRE food availablE for me
pooR yeah
aFt dAT wenT baThin anD rushEd out tO meEt aDel fOr moVIe
e MoVie sTart 435
bUt i reacheD pS at abT 433
aFt daT rUshed down to the cAthay wIt her
dEN wenT in and waTched so loNG de ADvertISemeNt
so rEgRetTed daT i RusHed juX nOw
tHe shoW wAs abT 2HOurs
iT is brillanT and so niCe
thE dance movE so amAzing
sO woRth the PricE
aCtualli nO priCE cos we usE a fRee cOuple to exhange fOr the TIx
dUrin thE show
i wAs fEelin so hungRy
thE meeSIam tO mE is likE ntH
wE wenT pS to eAt aFterdaT
den gO walk waLk a little wHIle
deN i wenT brEadtoK bUy a biG halFED brEAd den wE jiu gO seperATe waE
shE went tO tak mRt
i gO take my 65
sO crOWded la
but sTil manaGE to geT mysELf a seaT
hAv i heaRd tHaT laUGhTEr
wIl i eVEr sEe daT laUGhter

let me heal my heart10:00 PM

Monday, April 24, 2006
sUckie daE 24th aPriL

tOdae sTArt sCh le
oH nO!!
todaE wake up so damn earli lor
530 jiU wake up le
oni slp for bout 4hOurs
so dAMn tiREd
mEt shULay anD peiFen at 715
i waS the fIRst to reach
takE the 40mIn buS journEy
QUiTE fAst leH
FAster thEn i pREdict
deN jiu went to sch le
sO "lookIng fOrWARd"
firST leSSOn
thE chER tOk sO much
anD the more shE tOk
thE moRE i fEEl like sLping leH
deN hor
tHe moRE i dislike the sUbject
cUlinary science
sO troublesOme lor
Like goin tO aRMy like daT
hOpe mY second lessOn wont cum so faST
thE chER rEleaSe us EArli
AMy shan peIfeN laY YAn miN anD me went HArbouR front PasTA maNia to eat
stAred at a rOw of uncLes for veri lOng loR
deY so bHb
sIt dere SO lonG
luCki in the eDn they stIl wenT off
i ordeRed Creamy chicken
At firsT eat so NicE
buT deN beCUm so YUckiE in the end
and ya!!!tHe gArlic breAd maKe my Mouth so SMelly
almoSt dun daRE to Open my mouTh
aFt daT jiu wENt orchard wIt aMy shan
aT firST wan GO home sLp de
buT aT the eNd
i SO kind
jiU pEI daT amy wAIt for her frEn at orchaRd
wENt to wHeelOck
aLl amy faulT
maKe me haV the urGe to go nokia carE
deN awIted lonG to complain tO thaT CUStOmer caRE
deN my pHOne went in oPeraTion
dEN we go FAr east
WIndoW shop
i bOught sumting oRh
buT dIdnt gEt wat i wan
all amy faulT
i will rMB!!
aFt taT amY frEN aRRived
mE and shaN jiu go seperate waE
i sAw liLian
Jux aSK her abT sum stUff
deN wenT deVelop fOto
i Ran undEr the rAin
deN 6pm rEAched nokia caRE
taK a QUeUe numbEr and waIted 1houR for my FOne
iS my turN
buT the perSOn checK and cheCK
deN reAliSe my hp sTIl under obSErvaTion
aSK me waIt for 10mIn
i dIdnt urgUe
Jiu sillY sit theRe waIt
aFt dat finaLl gOt back my hp
so hapi
the lAg anD stuFf all no moRE lor
so haPi
thE tym is wOrth it
aFt taT went orchard mRt
rUsh into a trAIn
anD yeS
i toOk the wRong traIn
wENt tPy cHange bUs homE
weNt home chaNge online jiu gO out to mCS le
See the result shoW
lucKi amBre dId noT out
aFt tAT jiu waIt for them to cum out
jiU wenT home le
tIRed and long dAE ya-===


let me heal my heart1:47 AM

Friday, April 21, 2006
mY biG daE

oH my gOd
thE bIg daE finaLLy paST yesTErdAE
sLAck at hOme til 5pluS
deN tAKe mRT aLone tO bOOnlaY
thE lonG journEY so tortuRIng
plaYed snAck foR the wHOle journRY
bUt kiP dyIng
beCUm damN irRITaTEd
mY stOmaCh isNt fEELin gUD duRIn daT tym
anD waS so neRvous
mEEt thaT pig at boon lay den heLp her caRrY her booKs to libRARy
iT haD beEN so lonG sinCE i go neaR ani librarY
thE biG tym aRRivED
hER papA and maMA rEAched
i fOrgOt to menTIon
toDAE is the daE i goin to mEEt her pareNTs
i am so dun comfortable anD nerVOus and pacNIckED for thE wholE 2dAE
aCtualli i saw hER mama be4
bUT whEn i saW her
"whY lookeD so diff..likE becum younGER leH.dID she go plastic sErgeRy?' i aSKed myselF
hER pAPa althouGH the FACe lookED so STricT
bUt i can SEnse dAT he is a cuTE anD nice papA
wENT to EAt kFc as sUGgESTEd by heR mama
eVeryting wenT on smootHly
i waS sO fuLL
hER wiCKed mamA kip aSk me to eAT tis EAt daT
i waS too obedient to reJEct
sO i juS eaT
didNt anionE noe my sTOmach is so uncomfortablE duRIn taT tym
but iTS ok
for my gAL gaL
i caN endURe
aFt daT wenT to ntUc anD peI her mamA do her shoppinG "aUnty shoPPin"
so my auntY piG oso niD to go
aFt daT helPed to cARry tingS for them
i waS so kind
buT gona aDMit
iT was so heaVy lor
wENt to her houSE
anD onCE the doOR is oPen
i saW my GReaTEst fEAR
hER biG doG
bUT sTIl ok la
thE dog GReeted me weLL
anD leFT me wIth sUm oF his/her sMEll
a frIEndly dOG indeED
wenT straight inTO her room help hER solve her loTS oF compuTER and printER promblEM
i am sO cleVEr lor
buT fElT so baD
diDnT heLp to solve her hP cable prOblem
hER mama maDe uS tWO cup oF dELiciouS souR limE juicE
sO yuMi
bUT i dId not finiSH the wholE cup
gaL u shlD noE hoW i dEaL with the leFT ovER ba
leFt her hSE at ARD 11 pluS anD tRAVel a hOur plUS jouRNey homE
i am sO guD..anD my buTT is so pain AFT tat jourNEY
everyting turn out WEll
dIdnt hav tHOse tAT i prEdict
her kind PapA and maMA muX haV leT me tIS pooR boi oFF tis tym
heR wholE family so sWIT and CUte and lovELy
i am sO jealouS
hER mama sTIl cal her bRO darling loR
so sWIt
TAT piG dun eVen cal me daT
tInk wiL haV lotSA chancE to go hER hsE in the futuRe

let me heal my heart10:45 PM

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

iS my hP whIch iS louSy
oR is IT uRS?
wOke up 6.30 am
thOughT i waS late
tInkin iF i gOin to tAke cab
oR goin to poly clinic
i rUshed to baTh and wear my cOntaCt
anD ya
deN i reaLise
mY leSSOn was aT 9
sO waT for i wAke up sO eaRLi?
i wEnt to lyE dOWn
i REcEIVed a mSg juX now
SAeing tAT i dIdnt sEnd hER a mSg beFore i slp laSt niTE
i waS likE
haLf saDDEd
cOs i diD send 2mSg to her ah
mY mooD beCUm dUll anD down
lyE and lYE
by thE tym i wEnt out
deN By the tyM the BuS cUm
i reALise i sHld cHAnge a tRAIn insteAD
iF noT i wIl be laTE
thE trAIn sO squeEzy but i manAGE to sntACH to gO intO a tRAIn wIt a guy
pooR guy
hahA oppX
bOught two cuRRy puFF at the haWker
sO nicE
weNT for my firsT leC "cUlinaRy scIence"
sO SUcky ah..gOt calleD up on thE first leSSOn
aNd asK me abT bio
a SubjeCt i dIdnt studi in my sEc sCh tym
maNAge to geT thRU
aFT tat went fOr aCC
sO lucKI
i LEarnt aCcount beFOre
sO i waS like
henG ah..luCKi not a maTh
aFt taT me aDEl laY anD peifEn sKippEd our laST lec =thnKx to ZHang wEI
we wenT hawkER to eaT
yummY maggie mee goREnG fOr me
den meT up wiTh amy and shaN
anD we went queenswaE
i suGGEsted
buT in the eND
i diDnt buY aniting
buT its shAN tat bought
PooR shan
aFt tat wenT clementI to mEEt the piG
deN aFt tat went JP
gO to eaT cheeSCake and bought a bottle of liang tEH
DEn go find her mama and Went ntUc
anD tO mY surPriSE
shE wanT me gO EAt sTeambOAt at theiR hsE tonitE
i waS likE
i aM gona FAInt aH
sO sCARy aGAin
thE whole fAmily u noE
eating steamboat tgT
ReaChed her Home
see hEr eLDer bRO
so mani meaT
wHen i eAt
i wAs so qUieT
dUno wAT to TOk
dunO wa Tto eAT
fEEL so loSE
LuckI shE waS besidE mE
in thE end
i reALise i aTe up thE tAO ki daT her mamA wan
FElt so guilty
bU tnber saE out la
i waS too neRVOus
pls Forgive me
i wASnt veri fUll la
piG ma
dEN jiu wenT home le
TRavElling fROm boon laY to my hse on buS 154
buTT veri pain
cos thE journeY was moRE than 1houR
thaNks fOr uR reWaRD
i hOpe iT is noT an iLLuSIon

let me heal my heart11:00 AM

===i waN to gROw tALLer===

i reALli waNNa grOW taLLer
bUt i tinK tIS iS the beST i can gO lE
sO saD
reGreTted tAT in the paST nBEr plAY baSKEtbaLL reGUalRLy
taLl taLler taLLEst --> mY dREAm 4eVeR

let me heal my heart11:00 AM


mY eYe is sO pAIn nOw
anD i am sO damn bLoodY afraid bouT tml
bU toso veri lookinG fORwaRD 4 it AH
toDAe wokE up aT 1230
do mY dailY routine
deN 2 reached tanjong pagar to find adel to hand in tymsheeT
so hungry and went to eat BK (yUMMY)
aFt daT rushEd to cine fOr thE moVie
bUt hte person saE the VOuchER onI caN use aT the nEW caThaY
sO weNT liDO waSh fOTos
415 we ReaCheD thE caThaY
tO ouR hapy heaRing -- thE perSOn saE --> tHIs shOW no Free lisT toDAe,sO cant C!!
saDdED lor
was waiting for the mIss pIggy to shop finish with her fren
sO i jiu dRAggeD mY gUD frEn adeL go PS shoP wit me
haha wenT to sEE hp aGAin (cOOll maD mE)
dEN went spotlight til half den sTOmaCH acHE anD wENT toilET pOoPoo (yUCkS!!)
aFt DAT wENT OG bought 3paCKeT oF maGGIE mEE from kOrea
gAL oSO go deRE finD me
so maNi daEs nVer sEE her -- fEEL so dELighTED whEN i sAW hER
aFT taT adEL leFT us and mE and gaL go hMV sHOp
sO unLucki lor-kaNA sPoteD by jaSOn--hhAA
deN jiu went taKA EAT fisH and chIps--
thE mad gaL halF eaT half laugh!!
deN aFt tAT my eye PaiN
sO jiu sENd her gO hOme
--bY the wAE i bOught a PuRPlr shiRT toDAE ---> sO haPi!!
toDAe quiTE hapi
cOS mET my lonG tym no SEe gaL gAL
hOpe can SEe her eVERidAE
bUT thERe is stil littLE of a SAd tYm
i wIsheD foR sumtinG duRIng ouR bus JournEY homE
neGAtiVE rePly
bUt iTS ok
i wIll wait!!!
=out of bOx==
juS sAW the bLog of twO handsome gay
got the url from gal gal de
thEy are so cOol
so oPen
i aDmiRE them
gAL u muX becaREful le

let me heal my heart11:00 AM


haV u eVEr sEen a zOmbIE posTIn bLog
i aM so TIRed
yeT sTIl unAbLe to FAll aSlp
sO--dEcidED---->to BLoG!!
tIS is waT i prOmisE gaL tO sET up
whEN shE sEE tiS..sHE suRE ask y i nBER gO slp
oPPsss---duN sCOld mE!!!
tIS FEw daEs
i aM quiTE dePReSSed
aFter reAdin hER pOSt in hER bloG
tINkiN tAT i am aCtualli quitE of a sELfisH
shlD pUT mysELf u heR shOE
i wIll WORk haRd
anD maKE sure wE both wIl not fEel loneLy in aNy point oF tym!!
tOdAe wENt tP fOr abT 6hOurS de leCture
sO sian--HOlidAE sTIl niD go baCK
aniWAE i waS jus SLackin anD waSnt paYIn anI aTTentIon
waS jus DrawIng anD sLAckinG
hhaAHa--i aCtualli tRIed to paY atTEntIon
bUT when i tRY--i eNDeD uP fALlIn asLp--FuNI!
aFt dat wENT maRIna anD suntEC witH amY shan-whIle fLexibLe and gRACe joinED us laTEr on
wE haDnT a wonDERful DInER at sAKaE!!
sPenDIn me $17!!i am BrOke!!
bU tquite satisfieD wITh the fooD
hahA -- i aM piG-- i aGRee--hEE
aF tTAT weNt sunTEc 3Rd leVel
thE 4 maD perSOn waS lOOkin at all the "tuRN TUrN"
maK me Oso higH den oso fEEl like turninG!!
Lucki i contROlED mYsELf wELl
bUT in the enD oso boughT 1 fROm aMY coS i jus like TAt fIGuRIng!!
aFt dAt jiU wenT homE lEe--
GOin to sLp noW
mIss vEron - Pls dUn curSE me wHEn u c TIs k

let me heal my heart11:00 AM

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