name: =sSk=
nick: =skII=
school: TP HTM
birthday: 30th aUg

food pig eat everyting
drink pig drink anytin nice
colour black white purple
superwish 1)True Love 2)LOVE
superdae slping and eaTing daE
superbuddies aDEl-aMy-sHAn-tOot-jaNice-laY-jaSminE-mIng-tIng-mIn-bEeyaN-tIngting-pF- (no order of merit)
super super SSK



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peach blush

Tuesday, October 17, 2006
----- duan le de xuan ----


been working in motorola factory for 3daes le
there arh
actualli no veri tiring
but time passes veri slow
everydae worked frm 830 - 830
oh no
12hrs u noe
and i fold the boxes till my hand kana alot of cuts
damn pain
but for money
i am willing
will work till like till sch start ba
which is the cuming week
so dun feel like going back to sch

i hope i can try to smile more
i hope my heart wont ache
i hope i wont tink anymore
i hope i wil get more
i hope everytin will be fine

i tink i am incomparable to 'them'
i tink i have no sense of sercurity
i tink i wont get wat i wan
i tink i am nth

wat can i do
==i am dying==

may i bless myself

let me heal my heart12:35 AM

Monday, October 02, 2006
fotos of wonder trip

5days 4niTE wonder trip --> johor-kl-macau-hk<-- by land air and sea

== Day 1 ==

thE staRt of ouR trip --> johoR bus terminal
on the wAy to kL --> we are in our lala land ZzZZZz
posing at the low cost terminAL of KL afT check in
eXcited and wAIting foR ouR flighT to take Off
us and the AIrASia stewARdess at thE maCau airport wit thE flight we tOOk resTing behinD us
maCAu airport afT arrivaL
the firST and lasT cab thAT we took in maCAu (the fare metre jumpEd like crazy)
aT the anCient tourISt aTTraction of maCAU ( a super nice placE)

OutsiDE a granD maCAu casIno

== Day 2 ==
on the moVE frm maCAu to hk on tUrbo jet ferRY
the gong sisters (train to mongkok frm ferry terminal aft arrivAL)
arrIved at ouR destinatioN stop --> MongKok CaughT in ACt (1) ---> our niCE dou jiang you tiao
caughT in ACt (2)--> trying of shoE
eaTIng smELLy beaNcuRB --->oh waT a smELL !!
two of a kind -- globbing our long waited eX dinnER

== Day 3 == jeaNie busy exploring heR breaKfaST of the dAE
aT the stRAting PoinT of the famouS nU reN jiE with fOOd tat caused my stomach upset maP of the chung king expreSS shOpping aRcaDE
== Day 4 == shAN with Her apple at thE kowLoon weST shopping centre (pig EAt everywheR)
me and my long tounge at thE candy goody shop
ShaM sui Po mtR station heading back to hotel afTEr big sHoppinG
MonsTer spoTTed outSIde tong luo waN SOGO
===Day 5===

Chinese Tim SUm resTAurant witH shan'S freN -- fooD yuMMy yummY
pRoudly presenT our barang barangSsss
oN airport express train to hk international airport
the nice and grand hk international airport
oh my gosh -- jeanie can realli slp everywher she go (on plane back to sg)
the end of our trip---> Backed to SG interntaional airport Terminal 1 on 27sepT 1150am

let me heal my heart2:20 AM

holidae wonder trip sept 06

23sept-27sept 5dae 4nite johor-kl-macau-hongkong trip == by land air and sea

yes that is the differnt country and places that we go during the short 5daes

why so mani places and so mani mode of transport used?

u tink we want? is all the riots in bangkok tat put us in this

but however

i tink we did make a rite decision aft the cancellation of our bangkok trip

cos i tink not oni me but all of us, derek shan and jeanie enjoyed this wonderful trip!!

our trip start from the morning of 23sept wher we met at kranji mrt at 830am and took bus 170 to johor (our first destination)
super hungry and rushed to eat a nice but ex chicken rice
den went back to the counter that we bought our coach tix before our meal
we took a cab to the bus interchange of johor and took our super nice coach at 11am
set off to kl and reached at abt 4.30pm (our second destination)
before we got off the bus
our mind was all focused on food
and our topic is all food
me wanting to eat A&W while derek wanted wan tan mee so much
the bus dropped infront of A&W and so we have our first bite there
ordered fish burger meal with curly fries!!! yummY
den went to shop at chinatown and bought a cute black shoe for 50rm i tink
cheap i can sae
den went eating again
this mix beef soup noodles realli nice
but cost us 5rm..derek suspected tat we kana cheated
but i tink worth it la .. cos so nice
den was supposed to go to airport
but along the wae we met alot of stuff
cos we lost our wae
bu tin the end
still managed to reach airport on tym
checked in and ya
the airport mac soft drink can refill
and as we are all broke due to transportation
we are so delighted
and we ordered one cup
shared and refilled once
our flight headed to macau at 1030 and we reach in abt 215am
so earli rite
at first i thought there would be no ppl
but there are still alot of ppl taking that damn late flight
we finally landed in macau at 215am (our 3rd destination)
anywher the transportation we used to go macau frm kl is airasia flight
which is not bad
the space between seats is spacious
air stewardess is nice and frenly and professional
but however
the seats is not comfortable so causing difficulty to slp
while at macau airport
we seek for direction to the ferry terminal and the nearest food outlets
headed to a famous curry shop to eat
i ordered a wierd mee
(shld not try new food man)
den we walk our wae to the ferry terminal
the nite scenery of macau super nice
the casino and the some sort castle and attracction place
realli veri nice
we took alot of pictures there
and aft 1and a half hour of walking
we are there
at the ferry terminal
went to shit while derek queue for the tix and manage to get a seat for the 630am ferry
and we headed to our fourth destination --> hongkong with a turbo jet ferry
i like the ferry ride most
no sea sick
and i slp smoothly till the 1hr ride ended and we arrived in hk at 730am
so earli yeah
haha we choosed all the wierd timing as it is the cheapest and less time occupying
and wat we do when we reach there?
urgently in search for hotel of cos
and aft we reach mongkok by mtr
we search ard the streets and finally came to a TATAMI hotel
oh we thought it will be our choice
but aft derek and shan went for the wonder tour
we dropped the idea and decided to stay in a more highclass and ex hotel
the stanford hotel (4person a room for 3nites which cost $563hk per person)
which i tink is still accpetable
the room is big comfortable and we love the comforter most
and i suspect it is from the hotel intercon
and we settle down at hotel bath packed and we headed out and start our shopping at mongkok
and i bought quite alot of stuff and we are all tired
and so headed back to hotel for a quick rest and we headed to temple street at abt 8plus 9
bought nth much but some hp accessories for me and her
den went to eat the fried rice..not fantastic but acceptable
but it is super ex --costing $8 sg money a plate
in the morning ate dou jiang you tiao
and porridge
oh my god
super nice
ok then is the next dae
we started our dae with breakfast at a small shop near our hotel
with some siew mai and i also ate noodles
den i think we go the sports wear street near the hotel to shop for some sports wear and stuff
and i bought stuff as usual
den ate the bloody beef meat balls and drink a cup of milk tea
and went to tsim sha tsui to shop aft tat
went a shopping arcade like bugis vlillage called chungking express
nth for me to buy
jus company shan and jeanie and find their stuff
den went to walk down further streets that a shop gal recomend
then shan and jeanie stop by a salon
and decided to go treatment
and i suddenly hav the urge togo toilet and shit
oh my god
i tink it is cause by the beef meat ball i bought at the road side stall earlier on
and while they cut me and derek went to eat ajisen
the ramen there super saltish
cant imagine i ate tat
and went another tym of toilet
den kana chase out by thier staff cos we sit there for too long and 2ppl occupying 4 ppl seats
and their treatment take abt 2hrs la
so long
and aft tat we went back ajisen eat
service as usual not tat good
esp the manager who i tink dun like us and kip gossiping abt us
i went to bought a veri ex medicine for my stomach
omg cost me $10sing dollar leh
den went to a trendyland shop to buy 2ex stuff
den went further down the street and saw mani good shops
and boguht lotsa stuff over the streets
and aft tat they ate xu liu shan but i controlled myself not wanting to worsen my condition
den went back to hotel with alot of stuff tat we bought
and i was broke on that second dae
and i draw money before eating ajisen
fouRTh dae -- a better dae
our trip started with yoshinoya breakfast
kind of cheap..i ate a 16hk meal
but wasnt quite full
den we went to sham shui po
insearch for the fashion wholesale street
but in the end
didnt bought anyting there cos tat side mostly oni sell whole sale stuff
and guess wat
i went to draw money again
aft tat proceed to kowloon west shopping centre
that was the place
that we bought a lot of food for us family and frens
bought mochi mooncake
maggie mees
i bought wasabi beans
and i bought a jeans while jeanie bought a cargo pants
and also lao po bing also
then with so mani stuff and with no choice
we decide to go back to hotel
and hav our lunch at the roasted meat shop
oh mg god
super nice la
the char siew and the roast duck there
and aft tat headed to wan chai and collect my frens stuff at eeg building
den went to search for toy street
but get nth from there and actualli didnt see muchtoy there
but more seems like a old market street
and derek got us into trouble
he kana stop and check by 4police
i tink the guy dun like him or sumting
so stop him and asked question
and he and shan nber bring their passport
lucky me and jeanie did and shan show them our hotel card
den they believe us tat we are frm singapore and not those illgal immigrant from mainland china
den went tong luo wan
the tings there is super ex
so nber buy anyting frm there
and shan got to eat her long dreamt steam milk there
den headed back to tsim sha tsui as we sisnt shop finish the two stretch of streets tat tym
at first we tought we wasnt able to get anyting again cos all the shop start to close as it was abt 10 went we went
but aft my stupid suggestion tat bring them up to a shop which sell mainly sports wear and accesories frm levis addidas puma and nike etc
and we make big spending there la
i bought 1 puma shirt
1 levis slipper
and 1 nike bag there (my birthdae present that i paid as shan and jeanie dun hav enuf to pay me back) haha
and i spend atotal of 430HK money there
oh my god
and jeanie worse
spend abt 500hk money on one levis jacket there
and shan and derek also bought a shirt i tink
which make us all broke
and we headed to hotel and packed our barang barang
oh my god
i packed and my stuff is fully packed into 2bag pack and 1 paper bag
jeanie's stuff is also 3bags
but smaller
while shan and derek's combined oni 3bags lor
i tink i am the worse la
spend the most buy the most
also the most broke
fifTH dae---> i slp until i hapi and finally not the first one to get up
they all super pig
every morning cant wake up
and i will be the first one to wake up and switch off alarm and go bath and then call which ever up to bath
tat dae i purposely dun wan get up
shan fren came and visit us
and brought us to eat tim sum
we go to a super big chinese restaurant at mongkok area
and eat quite alot
before we set back to hotel again and check out
and leave our barang barang at hotel lobby
and went to shop at a place tat i miss bringing them go
den shan and jeanie like mad women
shop damn fast and buy damn fast
they bought shoes and shirt and jeans and me
with no money
oni bough a tshirt which i tink is quite nice and cute
oh ya
before hand went money changer again and all changed money
den went back to hotel and got our stuff and took mtr to airport
and we damn rush la
cos no time le
and we also wan get some food befoe boarding
in the end
aft check in
oni left with like 10mins
and oni hav tym to buy bk meals
and eat on board
took the jetstar 815pm flight and arrived singapore at abt 1150am on the 27sept
and tis marked the end to our trip
which cost us abt 1100+ each
and we are all annouced broke
but still loking forward to the next holidae and see if we hav money for a nearer trip
this trip is so enjoyable and i started to miss hk as soon as i board the flight
hope to return there soon
but i tink the earliest also abt aft 2 or 3 years
cos reealli broke ah!!
no money
money not enuf ah!!

long entrie
end here
hk rox
we rox
u rox
dumb rox
everyting rox

missing u

dumb went genting yesterdae
and i am alone in sg
todae and tml
todae stayed at home do nth
lucky got vcd frm my fren
tml going lunch and k with amy and shan
looking forward as long tym since i k
waiting and waiting for that dumb to be backed
must be enjoying herself now!!

hope can find a job before sch start
so can earn some money and saving

sk gogogo

let me heal my heart12:39 AM

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