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Friday, May 02, 2008

i am feeling damn frustrated
feel like blogging
but yet now that i duno wat to blog or where to start frm
cos i have too much to complain and let out

my life is in a mess now
my house is in a mess now
my family is in a mess now
my mind is in a mess now
my clothes are in a mess now
everything is in a mess now

my clothes are hanging everywhere around me
i dun have a proper place to keep them
my cupboard spoiled
and its full
i wanted to buy a new one
but yet looking around i cant find a place to put it if i buy one
and i dun even have the mny to afford one now
but i dun like to see my clothes hanging ard
they are all crumpled and smells as they are not kept in a proper place
i feel like throwing them awae
all are new
but aft my father washes them
they turned old and disgusting
everytime i tidy up my clothes and things he will anihow hang and put the dried clothes
cant he be more sensible
i dun see he treat his own ting in this bloody irritating way
why cant he respect my tings
i duno wat to say abt him
cant he be more supportive
always grumbling
always that mad
always purposely want to make my fucking brother angry and quarrel will start
serve both of them rite
is this a proper house or even call a family
i doubt
if i have a the money
i will move out
i rather leave and lead my own life
i dun wan to stay in this bloody idiot place
i hate this way of living
i had enuf
for 20years
i have been here
not moving aniwae
cant life be more bright for me?
or it is only me?
i felt that my life sux
there are always so so mani problem
feeling frustrated when i am at home
not even a single corner make me happi

i nid a proper job too
cant see where this job can bring me to
simply too much break
it cant support me financially
its tiring
the job make me feel that i am suspicious everytime i work
i dun feel secure
dun feel at peace at all
if not for the commitment that i said i will take
i will have quit this job already
thanks tat ther are still jan and shan
if not
i duno how am i going to take this

i am financially tight
so mani bills and payment to settle
they are squeezing me dry
no more shake aft this last bottle
i will not take them anymore
more mny needed to settle the 535 facial treatment
handphone bills
daily expenses
the price of getting a new cupboard
transport expenses
my lappy is dying and makes me more frustrated even more when i cant afford a new one now
evertin is squeezing me dry

my mind is exploding
i have so so much to complain
i duno wat am i typing to
mayb it make no sense to everyone
but jus needed a place for me to speak everytin out

i hate my life
i hate myself

where am i leading to

let me heal my heart10:38 AM

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