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birthday: 30th aUg

food pig eat everyting
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peach blush

Tuesday, November 27, 2007
fat fat fat

sk2 have grow fat
instead of cutting down on weight
u realise that i have grown some weight/fats
tats so terrible
wat shld i do??
i tink i realli should double cut down my diet
be more constant and do more vigorous excerises
and i am goin for my army check up tml
god bless me
hopE they dun suck too much precious blood of mine
and instead they should take my fats
pray for me ok!! haaa
attachemnt will be cuming to an end soon
about 2 more mths??
and ya...meaning wat??
meaning tat portfolio nid to hand in already !!!
u ppl better start tinking ok
haa altghg i noe u all wont tink too much ya

and guess wat
saw jasmine and her mum and jan and ron todaY at ps
the world is so small
and sweet jasmine mum leave me a very thoughful ending phrase :"tink u have grow fatter!"
tats so wonderful yeah
i shld buck down

and guys...celebrating for jeanie and jason???
it will be on the 8Dec....
names strike out will be : Peifen and Huimin
ppl kip in view : BeeeYan and HuiShan and Adel
ppl confirmed: sk, jeanie, jason and jasmine and amy

do update ya : ) )
and rmb ur E Journal which is due tis coming fRidaE!!

cya soon

let me heal my heart11:16 AM

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