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Friday, April 25, 2008
updates again

Hi everyone...long time no update

the update starts...

just received the bomb todae
the long awaited one
-notice of enlistment-
and i was scheduled to report for enlistment on the Sept 13
not tat excited not tat sad just a wierd feeling that i duno how to describe
abt 5mths more for me to prepare myself for the task that all physically fit guy have to go through
i shall do my best to train up and work hard and prepare myself real hard
after reading the letter...thghts start to run thru my mind....alot of thinking done for the 5mths on what i nid to accomplish and stuff

at least they allow me to celebrate my birthdae before going into the camp
still quite thoughtful of them
so anione who see this
make sure u make my birthdae this year a wonderful one
u all shld noe who i am refering to
: ))

backed from the much anticipated taiwan trip
a so called graduation trip for me and also the clique
lasted for 12days and 11nights from 27March - 7April
tink it is long??
nah..its too short to satisfy me
but still
it is wonderful i can say
enjoyed the whole trip, the food, the hotel stay, the walk, the clique, the companion and the everyting
everytin is so nice and good there
if i ever have a chance i will sure emigrate over there with my future family
but still...wish is still a wish
money is still a factor for wish to come thru
shall update more of the trip in future
but if you are curious and cant wait for the update
pls visit my friendster account to look at the fotos for the trip
as we say...picture paints a thousand word

as i over spent during the trip..have no choice but to work right after i came back from the trip
and currently working tgt with jan and shan in an small company
the job is bloody hell tiring i can say
me and shan have to walk from 10-5 with 1 hour break in between
walking under the sun is realli tiring and everydae i am smelly as i sweat like hell lot
and due to the dirty dust and air i have rashes on my feet and my arms
oh no what a job is this
but still
its good to work with frens that u noe and to gossip on the phone
its the joke and companionship that makes this job a not to bad job
without the 2 i tink i will quit aft the first day of work

and and

sad news to me
i realised that my height dropped and my weight increased
thats not a very good piece of news for me
shall try hard to do something to my currently unsatisfied weight

graduation ceremony of the 21May
3years of poly life just passed
lots of module
lots of tests
lots of laughter
lots of joy
lots of stress
lots of memory
lots of up and down
and most imptly
lots of companion from the clique
time realli flies
this marks the start of the new phrase of my life
wat shld i do next and wat will happen to me in the future?
we shall see

shall stop here
and will update real soon
cheers everyone

let me heal my heart1:32 AM

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